Lashing Kits

If you need a complete set of high-quality load restraint products, a lashing kit from SafetyLiftinGear will fulfil all your requirements in one handy bundle. Each of our tie down / strap sets contains a varIety of straps, ties and bungee cords to help you keep all sorts of loads secure while in transit.

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SafetyLiftinGear Lashing Sets: A Convenient Load Restraint Solution

Our lashing kits are designed to be portable and versatile - we've packed a superb assortment of ties and straps into each set, and every one comes with a handy carry case for easy transportation.

Lashings can be useful in all kinds of different scenarios. It is of course crucial to tie everything down when you're transporting large goods, especially if there's a risk of the load falling off the vehicle and/or moving around and sustaining damage. Whether you're securing your holiday luggage or strapping something to the roof of your car, you'll always be glad you had your lashing kit to hand!

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