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Breaking down on the road can be a nightmare, but here at, we stock a variety of car and motorbike accessories that will make your life a lot easier should you ever get stuck. Our high-quality car accessories are designed to get your vehicle moving in as short a time as possible - buy now and keep them in your boot just in case!

Choose from the following car / motorbike accessories:

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Booster Cables 5mm² x 1.5mtr Copper 100Amp Motorcycle
Was: £8.48
(£7.07 ex VAT)
Now: £6.24 (£5.20 ex VAT)
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Cable Reel Cassette Type 10mtr 4x230V 1.25mm Heavy-duty Thermal Tip
Was: £23.40
(£19.50 ex VAT)
Now: £17.94 (£14.95 ex VAT)
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Car Breakdown Kit 6pc
Was: £43.17
(£35.98 ex VAT)
Now: £34.78 (£28.98 ex VAT)
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Intelligent Speed Charge Battery Charger 6Amp 6/12V
Was: £100.77
(£83.98 ex VAT)
Now: £47.98 (£39.98 ex VAT)
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Dome Roof Car Port Shelter 4 x 6 x 3.1mtr
Was: £431.93
(£359.94 ex VAT)
Now: £331.14 (£275.95 ex VAT)
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Our Car & Motorbike Accessories

As you can see, we stock a range of handy items for motorists, including:

  • Booster Cables - Also known as jumper cables or jump leads. Allow you to jump-start your car when the battery is dead.
  • Breaker Bar - Used to loosen and tighten wheel nuts.
  • Battery Charger - Enables you to revive your car's battery in a hurry.
  • Breakdown Kit - Contains a variety of essentials that are always useful in the event of a breakdown.
  • Car Port Shelter - Perfect for working on your car in poor weather conditions.

Be sure to browse our Winching & 4x4 Off Road range too.

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