Furniture Dollies

If you need an easy way to manoeuvre light furnishings and appliances, our furniture dollies are just right for the job. These affordable wooden dollies offer a cost-effect load moving solution for the home, workshop or office - simply place your load on top of the furniture dolly and wheel it gently to its destination!

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Buy Your Furniture Dolly Online

Whether you're moving house or simply rearranging your living room, moving ungainly pieces of furniture around can be a real pain. However, SafetyLiftinGear's wooden furniture dollies are capable of making that chore significantly more pleasant by allowing you to whell large items around instead of lifting and carrying them yourself.

Our secure online store allows you to purchase your furniture dolly online without leaving the house. We can deliver the dolly to your address, or if you'd prefer, you can collect it from one of our depots across the UK.

If you're looking to move a heavier piece of furniture or machinery, our Furniture / Equipment Movers may be more suitable for your requirements.

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