Hydraulic Wedge Spreader

Hydraulic wedges are perfect for separating stubborn joints so that inspection and maintenance. Unlike when using hammer and other level bars a hydraulic spreader jack is designed to do this without causing damage to the joint components. Using the right equipment also reduces the potential safety risks. 


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HHP-1481 14tonne Hydraulic Wedge Spreader
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Hi-Force JS4 0.9tonne Hydraulic Jaw Spreader
£661.20 inc VAT

(£551.00 ex VAT)
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How to Order: Hydraulic Spreader

In order to make hydraulic wedge spreaders available to more people, some of our wedge jacks can be hired as well as bought outright.
To order one of our wedge spreaders simply:
  1. Select the spreader you're interested in getting.
  2. Input the quantity - if you're looking to buy click 'Add to Basket' - if you're looking to hire click 'Hire Me'.
  3. Your product will now appear in your shopping basket or hire basket, depending on which option you have selected. To complete your purchase, click 'Checkout' and follow our secure online checkout process, or if you're looking to hire click 'Enquire' to request a hire quotation based on your specified requirements. 

If you are having trouble complete your purchase or rental enquiry, or have any questions regarding our collection of wedge spreaders please call us on 0117 9381 600.


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