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Sack Trucks

Sack trucks (also commonly known as sack trolleys or sack barrows) are two-wheeled trolleys that can be used to transport heavy loads with ease. They are perfect for moving goods around warehouses, stock rooms and shop floors. Sack trucks can make the transportation of various loads faster, easier, and most importantly, safer. Using a sack truck for any material handling task can reduce the risk of personal injury or accident.

We have a wide range of heavy-duty sack trucks for sale here at SafetyLiftinGear, including sack trucks with solid wheels and pneumatic tyres available. Choose from sack trucks for sale or even a sack truck for hire! We can suit practically any requirement or budget.

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Sack Trucks


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Sack Truck FAQs

What is a sack truck?

A sack truck is a type of trolley that's characterised by its distinctive L shape. The trolley has two wheels and a handle to push and manoeuvre your load.

Sack trucks - sometimes called sack barrows or sack trolleys - are ideal for transporting heavy loads by hand without excessive strain or exertion.

There are a wide variety of different types of sack trucks available, depending on what your unique needs are.

Why use a sack truck?

Using a sack truck alleviates some of the physical demands of manual handling, giving you a convenient way to move heavy loads without risking an injury.


Are there sack trucks to hire from SafetyLiftinGear?

Yes, some of our sack trolleys are available to hire. If you see a 'Hire Me' option alongside the 'Buy Now' button, that means the sack truck in question is available to rent. Contact SafetyLiftinGear to request a hire quote.


How much weight can a sack truck handle?

Each of our sack trucks has a different weight capacity. Please ensure that you select the correct sack truck for the weight you need to move, as exceeding your sack truck's weight limit may damage the trolley and / or the goods you are transporting.


If you have any other questions about sack trucks, feel free to reach and contact the SafetyLiftinGear team today.

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