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Cable Handling Equipment

If you have extremely long cables to manage, our cable drum jacks and cable handling equipment are the perfect solution. A drum jack (also known as a cable reel jack) can be used to hold your cable drum, making it easy to uncoil and put away large lengths of cable in very little time.

Our cable jacks and spindles are sold separately - click on any product within our cable handling collection below for more information:



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Cable Handling Equipment: How to Use

Our cable jacks are supplied in pairs; the two jacks are placed roughly 4 ft apart and used as supports for the cable drum spindle (sold separately). The cable drum itself is then placed upon the rotating spindle, which allows you to coil and uncoil your cable at a moment's notice.

A cable reel jack is extremely useful in environments where long cables are common, such as live music venues, construction sites, and garages. Cable jacks help you to keep your cables tidy when not in use; not only does this make the area nicer to look at, it reduces the risk of somebody tripping on a stray cable and hurting themselves.

If you need more information about SafetyLiftinGear's collection of cable handling equipment you can reach us via telephone on 0117 9381 600, or via email on sales@safetyliftingear.com.
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