Climbing Cord & Rope

To complement the huge range of rope access equipment that we provide here at, we also provide a variety of rope and cord products, all of which have been chosen for optimal safety and strength while climbing.

To order your climbing cord, please choose from the following options:

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6mm Accessory Cord
Was: £0.99
(£0.83 ex VAT)
Now: £0.88 (£0.73 ex VAT)
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POWERLOC Expert SP 6mm Accessory Cord
inc VAT

(£39.50 ex VAT)
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PERFORMANCE Static 10.5mm Low Stretch Climbing Rope
inc VAT

(£68.95 ex VAT)
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PERFORMANCE Static 11mm Low Stretch Rope
inc VAT

(£72.98 ex VAT)
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Ropes & Cords - Our Commitment to Quality:

In order to ensure that our high standards of quality and reliability are maintained at all times, we ensure that all of our climbing cord products are sourced from recognised and trusted manufacturers.

This means that our customers can be confident in the fact that their rope has been carefully constructed and tested for maximum security.

In addition to the many safety benefits, our kernmantle low-stretch climbing cord is designed to be incredibly lightweight and versatile, while also providing great value for money!

Do you have any questions about our rope and cord range? Need additional information about the products shown here? Get in touch with our team today!

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