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Tool Lanyards - Stop Tools Falling from Height

If you work at height, securing your tools with a tool tether ensures that, if dropped, the tools will not pose a hazard to yourself or anyone down below. This simple safety measure is an easy way to minimise the likelihood of a serious injury - imagine how dangerous a hammer or wrench would be if dropped from height.

We sell a variety of tool lanyards here at SafetyLiftinGear. Choose from the following products:



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Why Buy a Tool Lanyard?

There are many risks associated with working at height, but there's one hazard that worringly few people stop to consider: falling tools. A dropped spanner can cause injury, property damage, and worse, which is why tool lanyards are so useful - they stop your tools from falling to the ground (and potentially causing nasty accidents) by tethering your tools to you, so even if you drop them, they won't fall far.

Of course, a tool safety lanyard also saves you the inconvenience of having to go down and retrieve the tools you drop. In terms of both safety and practicality, a tool tether really is essential equipment, and the good news is that they're not at all expensive.

We at SafetyLiftinGear have a wide variety of hand tool lanyards for you to choose from, including:

  • Wrist lanyards
  • Belt lanyards
  • Elasticated lanyards
  • Retractable lanyards
  • Power tool lanyards

If you need any further advice about our collection of tool tethering products, please don't hesitate to contact the SafetyLiftinGear team.
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