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Winter Workwear

Winter can be a difficult time for workers who operate outdoors. Cold, damp conditions are typical in Britain year-round, and this can make it difficult to work efficiently while also maintaining proper health and safety standards.

That's why it’s so important to invest in the right winter workwear. We have a range of cold weather gear that's designed to keep you as warm and dry as possible in these harsh conditions. 

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What should I wear to work outside in winter?

While comfort is key, safety is the most important factor when preparing for cold weather working. Below are some essential winter workwear items for cold and / or wet conditions to help keep you safe:


Most construction sites will have rules in place that mean you are required to wear a hard hat at all times, however, in this cold weather, it's not enough to keep your head warm. That's why we have a range of head protection gear that not only keeps you safe from objects falling but also from the cold weather. To see our full range of headgear, click here, where you can find a range of hard hats and thermal liners.


No one wants freezing cold hands, particularly those using tools and machinery outside. The cold can be tough on your hands, making them numb and prone to cramping. We have a wide range of gloves that provide protection from the weather but also from damage that machinery can cause. We also supply hand warming packs that will help you regain some warmth after or during working outside. See our full range of work gloves here.

Coats and jackets

When the cold hits your torso it can really take the wind out of you. Cold weather can cause a tight chest and make you prone to kidney and bladder infections. That's why it's incredibly important to wear the right winter workwear to keep you safe. We have a great selection of clothing that should help. From thermals to jackets, we can help make sure you're protected from the cold and seen easily so you can keep safe. To see our full range of winter workwear, click here.

If you have any questions about our winter workwear, or about any of the other products we supply do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is always here to help you find whatever equipment you may need, so contact us today.

If you’re working in a cold warehouse or workshop, why not add a heater or two? Browse our range of heaters, including infrared heaters, fan heaters, and convector heaters.

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