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Furniture Dollies

Furniture dollies are ideal if you need an easy way to manoeuvre light furnishings and appliances. Our range of furniture moving dollies offer a cost-effective load moving solution for the home, workshop, or office – simply place your load on top of the furniture dolly and wheel it gently to its destination. 

Furniture dollies, also commonly known as furniture skates or moving dollies, make the transportation of cumbersome loads like furniture quick, easy, and safe. Utilising furniture dollies can help reduce the risk of accident or injury when transporting large loads. 

To purchase your furniture dolly, please select one from our range available below: 

Furniture Dollies


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Furniture Moving Dollies: FAQs

How do you move heavy furniture with a dolly?

Simply position the furniture moving dolly adjacent to the furniture you need to move. Carefully lift one edge of the furniture and slide the dolly underneath. You should be able to push the rest of the furniture over the dolly until its centred and balanced. When you’re ready to move, slowly push the furniture to your desired destination. Be careful not to move the furniture off the dolly while you push.


What's the difference between a furniture dolly and appliance dolly?

Appliance dollies are more similar to hand trucks, or sack trucks, in that they stand upright with a flat ledge for the appliance to lean against. Appliance dollies also feature an additional strap to keep the appliance in place as it moves.

Furniture dollies are a lot simpler. Typically, furniture moving dollies are just flat rectangular boards with 4 wheels for the furniture to balance on.


Buy your furniture dolly online

Whether you're moving house or simply rearranging your living room, moving furniture around can be a real pain and can also cause unecessary injury. However, SafetyLiftinGear's wooden Furniture Dollies are capable of making that chore significantly easier by allowing you to wheel large items around instead of lifting and carrying them yourself.

A furniture dolly can help prevent serious material handling injuries, so whether you're moving house or struggling to move cumbersome items at work, our furniture dollies are a practical investment. 

Our secure online store allows you to purchase furniture dollies without leaving the house. We can deliver the furniture dolly to your address, or if you'd prefer, you can collect your new furniture dollies from one of our conveniently located depots across the UK.

If you're looking to move a heavier piece of furniture or machinery, our Furniture / Equipment Movers may be more suitable for your requirements.

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