Drum Handling Equipment

If you need to move drum containers safely and efficiently, then our drum handling equipment range is the ideal solution! With everything you need to lift, manoeuvre and transport steel drums, our selection of products provides functional solutions for almost any application and environment.

For quick and easy transportation across work yards and storage sites, we have a selection of wheeled drum handling equipment, each with their own features and weight limits. For operations that require an enhanced level of control, we also have a choice of drum lifting equipment, such as our lifting chains and drum tilters. 

To choose from our range, or to find out more about our handling gear and drum lifting equipment, select from the products below:

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Drum Trolley / Dolly for 205 Litre Drums
Was: £79.98
(£66.65 ex VAT)
Now: £48.09 (£40.07 ex VAT)
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Forklift Drum Grab
Was: £262.13
(£218.44 ex VAT)
Now: £247.24 (£206.03 ex VAT)
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Single/Double Drum Fork Mounted Rim Grip Drum Lifter
inc VAT

(£662.50 ex VAT)
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Fork Mounted Drum Tilter
inc VAT

(£748.95 ex VAT)
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Crane Slung Drum Tilter
inc VAT

(£765.89 ex VAT)
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Order Drum Lifting Equipment & Handling Gear

If you would like to order drum lifting equipment with SafetyLiftinGear, the process is very simple! For added convenience, most of the products in our range can be both purchased or hired, depending on the needs of the individual. 

Simply select your chosen item(s) from our drum lifting equipment range, then click either the 'Buy Now' or 'Hire Me' option to proceed with your order. To ensure that the process stays simple, the hire and purchase baskets are kept separate, allowing you to differentiate accurately between both orders.

Need more information about our drum handling equipment? Simply get in touch with the SafetyLiftinGear team! Call us on 0808 123 6969, or contact sales@safetyliftingear.com

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