Pewag Lifting Points

Pewag lifting points provide safe and secure anchor points for lifting and lashing equipment. Extra secure and durable, Pewag lifting equipment is one of Europe's most well known and trusted brand for eye bolts, swivel lifting points and load rings. SafetyLiftinGear also stocks Pewag's weldable lifting points for extra choice and practicality. 

Pewag lifting equipment is also throughly tested for quality and extra confidence that you can carry out your heavy lifting securely and safely. 

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Pewag PLDW Prolift Delta Swivel Lifting Point M10 to M48
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(£49.45 ex VAT)
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Pewag PLGWI2/B Basic Stainless Steel Lifting Point
Was: £139.33
(£116.11 ex VAT)
Now: £83.98 (£69.98 ex VAT)
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Pewag PLGWI2 Supreme Stainless Steel Lifting Point
Was: £162.69
(£135.58 ex VAT)
Now: £93.58 (£77.98 ex VAT)
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Find The Right Pewag Lifting Points For You

Avaliable in a range of thread diameters and lifting capacities, Pewag lifting points are the ideal solution for providing secure and easy attachments to construction loads. Ensure to select the correct thread diameter and lifting capacity for your requirements before placing your SafetyLiftinGear order.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to answer any enquiries. Alternatively, email our team at for more information on our range of Pewag lifting points. 

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