Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks

These pallet trucks come with built-in weighing scales that you can use to identify the weight of the load you're shifting. With great manoeuvrability and generous weight load limits, our weigh scale pallet trucks are the perfect solution for a range of material handling tasks around the warehouse and beyond.

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2 Tonne Weighing Pallet Truck
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Pallet Trucks with Scales

Our weigh scale pallet trucks are very useful because they make it easy to ensure that you don't overload them. Overloading a pallet truck can seriously damage it and impair its future usability, so it's good to have a visual representation of load weight to keep an eye on.

Like all of our pallet trucks, these products are available both to hire and to buy online. This means that we can provide the perfect material handling solution for short-, medium- and long-term requirements.

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