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Pallet Trucks with Weighing Scales

These weigh scale pallet trucks come with built-in weighing scales that you can use to check the weight of the load you're transporting. With great manoeuvrability and generous weight load limits, our weigh scale pallet trucks are the perfect solution for a range of material handling tasks around the warehouse and beyond.

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Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks from SafetyLiftinGear

A pallet truck with scales is a super-handy piece of equipment because, unlike a standard pallet truck, it features built-in weighing scales that enable the user to weigh a load without removing it from the truck. This means you don't have to waste time moving your load onto a permanent floor scale.

Weigh scale pallet trucks are a great option not only for their mobility but also for their accuracy. The scale's margin of error is less than 1%, even on uneven floor conditions.

The built-in weighing scales also make it easy to ensure you don't overload the pallet jack. Overloading these products can seriously damage them, so it's good to have a visual representation of load weight that you can keep an eye on.

Like all of our pallet trucks, our weigh scale pallet trucks are available both to hire and to buy online. This means that we can provide the perfect material handling solution for short-, medium- and long-term requirements.


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