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Lifting Slings: Polyester Round Slings

Round slings, also sometimes referred to as crane slings or hoisting straps, are all-purpose lifting slings that provide and sturdy and non-damaging method of lifting a load. They are lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.

If you need to lift and move loads of several tonnes or more, our top quality round slings are perfect for the job. These high-endurance lifting slings can handle weights of up to 30 tonnes, making them a great alternative to wires and chains, with the benefit of being flexible yet strong. Each lifting sling in our range has a different maximum weight, so please make sure that the product you purchase is suitable for your requirements.

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Lifting Slings: Polyester Round Slings


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What is a Round Sling?

polyester round sling is a lifting sling that is made by wrapping a protective polyester jacket around a series of tough load-bearing polyester yarns. This design results in a superbly durable product that can be used to transport immense weights in a safe and secure manner.

In addition to our polyester sling range, we also sell a variety of hooks that can be used with the lifting slings we sell here at SafetyLiftinGear. These hooks should be used to attach your round sling and its load to the lifting equipment that you are using.

We were contacted by Skyklass, a London-based construction company, who wanted to hire some of our round slings for a construction project. See them in action here!

Round lifting slings are just one of the many options available from our site; for more demanding jobs you may prefer to use our webbing slings, which have a larger surface area than our round slings.

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