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Roller Crowbars

Our roller crowbars are extremely handy to have around the warehouse. Your manoeuvrable crowbar with wheels can be rolled into position and used to get underneath objects that are unusually low to the ground. Once the crowbar is underneath the load, it can then be used to lift and/or transport it around your site as needed.

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Wheeled Crowbars & Other Products

Our roller crowbars aren't the only useful items to be found in this part of our website. We also sell a variety of pry bars, pinch bars and wrecking bars, meaning that you can complete any of the following tasks with ease:

  • Prising open containers
  • Removing nails
  • Lifting up heavy objects with minimal ground clearance

If you have any questions about our wheeled crowbars or any of the other products on this page, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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