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Our adjustable, self-balancing crane forks are ideal for a variety of heavy lifting jobs. Each one is made of robust, high-quality steel, and both the height and fork width can be adjusted as necessary.

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Protection Net for Block Grab/Crane Fork
Was: £158.37
(£131.98 ex VAT)
Now: £143.07 (£119.23 ex VAT)
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Crane Forks, Self Balancing, Adjustable, 3 tonne
Was: £1,438.53
(£1,198.78 ex VAT)
Now: £1,247.21 (£1,039.34 ex VAT)
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Crane Forks - More Information:

SafetyLiftinGear's self-balancing crane forks are available to hire and to buy, so whether your needs are long-term or short-term, we can offer you a suitable solution. All crane forks comply with BS EN 13155, and each one is tested and certified before sale.

Also available from SafetyLiftinGear are high-quality protection nets for use with our self-balancing crane forks. A protection net should always be used to ensure that the heavy items you're lifting are not allowed to fall.

Need more information about our crane forks? Give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.

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