Hydraulic Fittings & Connectors

We don't just sell hydraulic cylinders here at SafetyLiftinGear.com - we also stock a variety of hydraulic fittings and connectors to go with them. These high-quality hydraulic products are designed to cope with very high pressures, making them perfect for use alongside your other hydraulic products.

Choose from the following hydraulic connectors / fittings:

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Hydraulic Male Nipple
£7.54 inc VAT

(£6.28 ex VAT)
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Male Hydraulic Coupling
£14.11 inc VAT

(£11.76 ex VAT)
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Female Hydraulic Coupling
£19.73 inc VAT

(£16.44 ex VAT)
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Gauge Block for Hydraulic Systems
Was: £35.98
(£29.98 ex VAT)
Now: £33.10 (£27.58 ex VAT)
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Our Hydraulic Connectors

SafetyLiftinGear.com is home to a range of different hydraulic fittings, connectors and accessories, including:

  • Couplings (male and female - perfect for connecting hydraulic cylinders to hoses)
  • Nipples (can be used as in-line connectors)
  • Pressure Gauges (measure pressue while using your hydraulic cylinder)

All of these accessories can be used in conjuction with our best-selling range of ActionRam hydraulic products. Click here to browse our full range.

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