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Beam Clamps

SafetyLiftinGear's beam clamps are exceptionally robust and hard-wearing, with maximum weight capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tonnes! 

Each of our beam clamps can be easily adjusted to fit most beams and girders; simply turn the central threaded adjusting bar to achieve the correct width and you're good to go.

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Beam Clamps


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Girder Clamps for Heavy Lifting

Our adjustable beam clamps can be connected to steel girders and beams without any need for drilling or welding - simply adjust your clamp to the correct width and fasten it securely into place using the adjusting bar.

Please note that maximum weight capacity varies between products; when purchasing your girder clamp, please ensure that the product you have selected has a weight capacity that suits your purposes. For example, if you are planning to lift loads of more than 5 tonnes, you will need a 10 tonne beam clamp.



For more information about our girder/beam clamps, give us a call on 0117 9381 600.
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