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Battery Pallet Trucks

SafetyLiftinGear's battery-powered pallet trucks are a great alternative to manually-operated pallet jacks. The battery-assisted movement makes it easy to manoeuvre heavy pallets with minimal effort and reduced risk of injury.

Each of our battery-operated pallet jackets comes with its own battery, but we can also provide spare batteries for your pallet truck to ensure you are never stuck without power.

Our battery pallet trucks are available to buy or hire. Choose from the following products:



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What is a battery-operated pallet truck?

A battery-operated pallet truck is simply a pallet truck that's powered by a battery. Compared to manual pallet jacks, which relies entirely on the user's own strength, battery pallet trucks require less effort to move around.

Some battery pallet jacks also offer powered lifting and lowering (these are called 'fully electric' pallet trucks) whereas others offer battery-assisted movement but still require manual lifting and lowering (these are known as 'semi electric' pallet trucks).

Battery-powered pallet trucks are designed to help you transport pallets across from A to B with ease. Battery pallet trucks are most commonly found in warehouse environments to move heavy loads from one end to another.


Battery-powered pallet trucks from SafetyLiftinGear

To help you transport pallets around the warehouse as safely and as efficiently as possible, we have a superb range of battery pallet trucks available to buy or hire. We also offer spare batteries and other accessories for our battery-powered pallet trucks.

You may have noticed that some of our battery pallet trucks say 'semi electric' while others are called 'fully electric'. All of these products offer battery-assisted movement, but if you want automatic lifting and lowering, make sure you order a fully electric truck. The semi-electric products must be lifted and lowered manually, like a standard pallet truck.

If you have any queries about our battery-powered pallet trucks, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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