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Fall Protection Equipment

When working at height, it's important to use the right fall protection equipment to prevent a potentially lethal fall or accident.

SafetyLiftinGear is a specialist provider of fall prevention systems and fall protection systems - including safety harnesses, lanyards, and fall arrest blocks. We have a comprehensive range of both fall arrest equipment (to keep you from hitting the ground in the event of a fall) and fall prevention equipment (to stop falls occurring in the first place).

If you and/or your employees frequently work at height, we can supply a fall protection system that conforms to health and safety regulations, fulfils your legal obligations and minimises the risk of accidents. To buy or hire fall protection equipment from SafetyLiftinGear, choose from the products listed below.

Fall Protection Equipment


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Fall protection systems: are you meeting your legal responsibilities?

It is every employer's duty to ensure the safety of their workers, and if your employees work at potentially dangerous heights, you must comply with the relevant health and safety regulations in order to minimise the risk of a fall. Visit the HSE website for further details on UK height safety law.

There are several different ways to protect your workers from harm while working from height - fall arrest equipment is designed to stop the user from hitting the ground when they fall, whereas fall prevention systems (e.g. safety barriers, man anchors) aim to prevent such falls from happening in the first place.


We are the fall protection specialists.

No matter what your requirements are, we are confident that you will find the fall protection equipment you need here at SafetyLIftinGear.com. Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Fall arrest harnesses
  • Fall arrest blocks
  • Ropes and cords
  • Fall protection anchors
  • All-in-one fall arrest kits
  • Fall protection system kits

Many of the products we stock are available both to buy and hire, so we can meet your long-term and short-term needs.

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Fall arrest vs fall prevention - what’s the difference?

When trying to select the right fall protection system, it’s important to know the difference between different systems. Fall prevention systems (also known as fall restraint systemss) keeping you from moving into areas where there's a risk of falling, whereas fall arrest equipment allows the user more freedom of movement, including into areas where there is a risk of falling. If the user does fall, the fall arrest system catches the user before they hit any lower surface.

READ MORE: Fall Arrest vs Fall Restraint – It’s Important to Know the Difference.

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