One Point Harness

Our 1 point harness range is a great choice for simple functionality and affordability, providing secure and easy-to-use designs at great prices. 

Each harness in our selection has a 1 point attachment at the rear, for simple, no-fuss connection to your wider height safety system. There are also a selection of styles available in a range of sizes and prices, making it easy for each customer to find a 1 point harness to suit their exact needs.

Whether it's for personal or commercial use, you're sure to be impressed by the quality of our harnesses, whether you choose to buy or hire.

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Shoulder pad wear sleeve
£5.07 inc VAT

(£4.23 ex VAT)
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Safety Harness for Working at Height.
inc VAT

(£10.31 ex VAT)
(5 Reviews)
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Fall Arrest Harness with Rear Dorsal Attachment Point
inc VAT

(£15.29 ex VAT)
(4 Reviews)
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How to Order Your 1 Point Harness

As mentioned above, the products in our 1 point harness range can be purchased or hired, depending on the requirements of each customer.

If your application calls for a permanent height safety solution, your required harness can be bought by selecting the 'Buy Now' button beneath the product, and adding it to your basket. Alternatively the product may be added to your hire basket, by selecting the 'Hire Me' option, which will allow you to apply for a hire quote, based on the quantity of products selected and duration for which they are needed.

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