Eye Bolts

Eye bolts allow you to securely attach ropes and cables to a larger structure. Our eye bolts are mainly used to assist with lifting heavy loads, although they can also be used as part of a fall arrest system when working at height.

SafetyLiftinGear have a range of eye bolts to choose from, including both short and long shank eye bolts. Please select one of the following products:

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Eyebolt for Lifting Sizes M06 to M36 Available
£1.34 inc VAT

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(6 Reviews)
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Dynamo Eyebolt (Short Shank) M10, M12, M20 Sizes Available
£2.74 inc VAT

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Eyebolt (Long Shank) 10mm to 30mm.
inc VAT

(£4.69 ex VAT)
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Fall Arrest Eyebolt, Available in Either M12 or M16
£42.82 inc VAT

(£35.68 ex VAT)
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Eye Bolts for Heavy Lifting & Fall Prevention

As mentioned above, SafetyLiftinGear's eye bolts have a variety of uses, both within the lifting industry and for more general health and safety purposes. Once the bolt has been secured to a suitable structure, ropes or cables can be fed through the loop (or 'eye') and tied to the eye bolt.

Eye bolts can be used to anchor oneself for height safety purposes, or as part of a pulley system when lifting and moving heavy loads. Our eye bolts come in a range of types and sizes (including short shank and long shank), so no matter what you need them for, we're the people to call!

If you have any questions about our eye bolts or any other SafetyLiftinGear products, give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.

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