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Nut Splitters

Our powerful Nut Splitters can be used to split nuts of various sizes. If you find yourself faced with a rusted or seized nut that you’re struggling to manually unscrew from a bolt or threaded stud, our range of nut splitters are sure to come in handy! 

Simply connect your hydraulic nut splitter to a hand pump and the high-tensile cutting blade (powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic ram) will do the rest. 

Choose a nut splitter from our collection of Hydraulic Nut Splitters below:



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How Does a Nut Splitter Work?

Nut splitters are a great last resort if you need to remove a stubborn nut from an equally stubborn bolt. There are three simple steps to follow when using a nut splitter to remove a nut:

  1. Unscrew the chisel and place the nut splitter ring over the nut.
  2. Position the chisel over the nut so that the blade is facing a flat side of the nut.
  3. Tighten the screw to clamp the nut between the chisel and the inner edge of the ring, tightening further and further with a spanner until the nut is split.

Buying a nut splitter

There are a number of different nut splitters available on the market:

  • Ring frame nut splitter
  • C-frame nut splitter
  • Hydraulic nut splitter

Before purchasing, be sure that the nut splitter is capable of covering the nut in question.

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