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Stainless Steel Hand Winches

Hand winches can be incredibly useful for a range of moving tasks. The PFAFF stainless steel hand winches that we currently stock are designed to be easy to use, robust and are fitted with a load pressure brake for the careful lowering of loads. 

Stainless steel hand winches such as these, are ideal for industrial or commercial use because they are capable of coping with repetitive use better than hand winches made from other materials.

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Why choose our stainless steel winches?

The stainless steel hand winches that PFAFF produce are designed to last an incredibly long time. Many of them have bearings made of bronze to help combat corossion even further.

One of the other key benefits of choosing a stainless seel hand winch is that it can be used in ambient temperatures as low as -10 degrees or as high as 50 degrees. This is ideal if you work in an environment such as a cold meat store, a nuclear powerplant or somewhere with significant temperature challenges. 

Note: These stainless steel hand winches come without wire cable, so this will need to be ordered separarely. Browse our full range of hand winches here.

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