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Material Handling Equipment

Welcome to our Material Handling Equipment department - here you will find our comprehensive range of material handling systems. No matter what business you’re in, be it transportation or distribution, manufacturing or warehousing, our range of material handling equipment can help make all manner of material handling tasks safer, easier, and faster.

Material handling systems like those provided by SafetyLiftinGear are ideal for the transportation, storage, control, and protection of various materials, goods, and products. There are a massive variety of different Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and tools available on the market, each better suited to a unique task or environment. We supply a range of different material handling systems, including pallet trucks, material lifts, site trolleys, sack trucks, and forklift attachments.

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Material Handling Equipment

More about our Handling Equipment

We specialise in reliable, heavy-duty Material Handling Equipment which can move large and heavy items around your site or warehouse with ease.  

Before you purchase any material handling equipment, please ensure you have selected the correct product. Each of our products has a different Working Load Limit (WLL) stated on the product page, make sure you have checked this before placing your order.

Many of our material handling system equipment is available for both purchase and hire! To buy or rent a suitable piece of Handling Equipment, simply the 'Hire Me' or 'Buy Now' option below your desired product and follow the on-screen instructions until your order or enquiry is complete.

In the unlikely event you cannot find a specific material handling system, please contact the SafetyLiftinGear team today.

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