Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are ideal for protecting the eyes from flying debris and dust while working. These durable goggles cover the eye area in its entirety and are used in construction, carpentry, and a number of other industries.

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Impact Safety Goggle
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Wide Vision Safety Goggle
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Benefits of Our Safety Goggles

Protecting the sensitive eye area is an essential part of workplace safety. This is why we provide a choice of durable safety goggles and eye protection products here at!

Our safety goggles:

  • Provide comfort (ideal for lengthy operations)
  • Fit over spectacles / glasses
  • Are CE and EN166 compliant
  • Come equipped with indirect vents for ventilation.

These products are designed to protect the individual from hazards associated with flying objects, dust and chemicals, in order to maintain healthy vision.

We also stock a range of sturdy, high-quality safety glasses.

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