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Arborist Lanyards

When you're working at height - whether up a tree or on top of a building - it's important to secure your tools to your person so that they won't fall to the ground if you drop them.

Our arborist lanyards are ideal for this purpose. These safety lanyards can be used with all sorts of tools to prevent drops and protect the people below you.

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Tree surgeon lanyards from SafetyLiftinGear.com

If you work as an arborist or tree surgeon, you're probably used to operating at potentially dangerous heights. Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we stock all sorts of fall protection equipment to keep you safe while working at height, but sometimes it's not enough just to prevent yourself from falling - you also need to secure the tools you use.

Our arborist lanyards are specifically designed for this purpose. Before you begin work, you should anchor all tools, equipment and accessories to your person using the appropriate hooks and lanyards; this will mean that your tools cannot fall to the ground, where they may cause damage and/or injury.

How to use our arborist lanyards

It's easy to use our arborist lanyards - simply attach one end to your tool belt and the other end to the tool you're using.

These lanyards can be used with a wide variety of arborist tools. Some of them are specifically designed to secure heavy power tools such as chainsaws and grinders.

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