Roofers Height Safety Pro Kit

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Roofers Height Safety Pro Kit

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Roofers Height Safety Kit

Consists of the following accessories:

1. G-Force GFP-70QR Rope Access Quick Release / Multi-Purpose Safety Harness

Harness Size In CM's
  Height Chest Waist
M-XL 170-185 90-120 85-120
Product Features
Quick release buckles.
Front twist lock anchor point.
Rear dorsal aluminium anchor point.
Work positioning belt with aluminium D ring anchor points.
Sitting position / rope access aluminium attachment point.
Adjustable at the legs, chest and upper body.
Conforms to EN361, EN358 & EN813 CE standards.
2. G-Force GFAC010 -10mtr Vertical Safety Line With Rope Grab
Product Specifications
Rope thickness: 14mm
Rope length: 10 metres
Conforms to EN 353-2 standards.
Product Description
The guided fall arrest grab automatically grips onto the rope to avoid falls when working at height.
The rope grab has a gate making it easy to fit and remove the grab from the kermantle rope.
Also fitted with a small shock absorber and a safety snap hook at the other end to attach onto a harness.
3. AZ011 Screw Lock Karabiner
Product Description
Steel Construction
Zinc Plated
Opening: 18mm
Product Dimensions
Length: 108mm
Width: 60mm
Strength: 25kN
Conforms to EN362 CE standards.
4. AZ410 Wire Rope Lanyard With PVC Cover Protection
To be used only as a fall protection anchor point.
Includes: x1 AZ011 karabiner
Length: 2mtrs
Conforms to EN 354 and EN 795 CE standards
5. Heavy Duty Kit Bag AX-011
Strong PVC storage bag perfect for storing fall protection products.
Dimensions: 300 x 400mm.
Colour supplied may vary.
*G-Force Fall Protection are the first choice for many leading PPE and rental companies.
M-Xl, Roofers Height Safety Pro Kit (Net Weight Per Item: 4.50kg):
(£252.84 ex Vat)

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