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As well as height safety and fall protection equipment (among many other categories of course), we offer a range of comprehensive Event Rigging Equipment which we are particularly proud of. Our Event Rigging Equipment is high-quality gear which is used in the entertainment industry.

Whether it's beam clamps or chain hoists, we've got plenty of high-quality, durable event rigging gear for you to choose from. The majority of our event equipment has a sleek and stylish black finish, which is ideal for the event industr, because the equipment will blend in seamlessly and won't be highly visible to the audience. 

We are now proud to offer an all new black finish bow shackle, available for 2 ton and also 3.25 ton. 

2 Ton BLACK FINISH Bow Shackle

2 Ton Black Finish Bow Shackle 

3.25 Ton BLACK FINISH Bow Shackle

3.25 Ton Black Finish Bow Shackle

To date, SafetyLiftinGear has been fortunate enough to supply products for the BBC, Pinewood Studios, exciting new films and even music tours. If you're a Foo Fighters fan, our event rigging gear has gone on tour with them, which we think is pretty cool indeed. View our impressive range of event rigging equipment here. 

If you have any questions about event rigging equipment, please don't hesitate to give one of our experts a call on 0808 123 69 69. 


Why are fall protection systems necessary?

Fall protection systems are essential when working at height. Indeed, falling from height can result in fatality or at the very least cause extreme injuries. If you're working at height, it is your employer's responsibility to ensure the correct fall protection systems are in place not only for themselves and their workers but for the families of their staff too. 

Tragic accidents when working at height cost the UK economy in excess of £800million every year. This combined with the potential loss of lives means it really is essential for businesses to get the appropriate fall protection systems in place to keep their working sites in good order. 

Our fall protection systems:

SafetyLiftinGear offers a variety of fall arrest equipment, from Permanent Horizontal & Vertical Safety Lines and Rail Anchorage Systems to Guided Fall Arresters. Indeed, we offer every type of fall protection equipment to completely secure your working site and minimise the risk of dangerous falls from height.