Yesterday, we told you all about our new Ergodyne tool lanyards; today, we'd like to show you a video that Ergodyne made to promote their products and encourage people to stay safe whilst working at height:

The video above is all about what Ergodyne call 'The Three Ts': Tethering, Topping, and Tagging. Don't worry if you haven't the time to watch the whole thing - here are The Three Ts in a nutshell:

The Three Ts of Height Safety

The following considerations are absolutely critical for anyone who works at height:

  • Tethering. This means ensuring that your tools are securely tethered, either to your person or to a secure fixing that will not allow them to fall. This is what SafetyLiftinGear's tool lanyards are for.

  • Topping. When working at height, do you carry tools, fittings, or other equipment in a work bag? If so, you need to make sure that the bag in question is properly topped; ask yourself what will stop your equipment from falling out if the bag is upturned or inverted, and if the answer is 'nothing', consider buying yourself a new, safer tool bag.

As these unfortunate watermelons found out, even small items (such as nuts and bolts) can do a lot of damage when dropped from height!

  • Tagging. The third and final 'T' refers to the proper labelling of tool lanyards and other height safety products. Such items should always be clearly marked to identify the weight capacity of the product in question - exceeding the stated weight capacity can be very dangerous, and clear tagging/labelling ensures that workers will be able check the maximum capacity of their equipment at a glance.

Click here for more information about working at height, or visit SafetyLiftinGear's Height Safety section to find out how we can help you to stay safe at work.

Ergodyne tool lanyards

Ergodyne are a company from the USA - Minnesota, to be precise - with a great reputation for manufacturing "tenacious work gear" (as their logo puts it). Now, we're all about high-quality equipment here at SafetyLiftinGear, and so Ergodyne's super-strong products are right up our street...which is why we've added a selection of the company's tool lanyards to our Height Safety department!

As we've mentioned before, tool lanyards are a must-have for anyone who works at height. Tools and fittings can cause a huge amount of damage if dropped, even if it's from a relatively small height; for example, if you were to drop a spanner whilst working on a ladder, it could seriously injure anyone who happens to be passing underneath at the time.

That's why we at SafetyLifitnGear recommend Ergodyne's Squids® range. These high-calibre tool lanyards are specifically designed to prevent tools from dropping whilst exerting the minimum possible force on the body to which they're attached. Choose from the following products:

These tool lanyards and their corresponding accessories are ideal for construction workers, tradesmen, and anyone else who ever works at heightClick here to see SafetyLiftinGear's full range of tool lanyards, or take a look at this video (made by Ergodyne themselves) on how to choose the right tool lanyard:


Summer has arrived! School's out, and if the sun comes out too, Britain's beaches are sure to be swarming with smiling families for the next six weeks or so.

If you and your family are heading to the seaside this summer, there's one accessory that you simply can't be without: a beach cart!

Beach cart

As you can see, SafetyLiftinGear's garden carts are ideal for a trip to the beach - they can be used to carry all of your gear (towels, swimming costumes, buckets, spades, etc.) to and from the sea, and their chunky, heavy-duty tyres will have no problem with the bumpy, sandy terrain!

The beach cart featured in the photos above is our Garden Dump Cart, which can carry loads of up to 300kg and costs just £51.58 (inc. VAT). Once you've bought your beach cart, it'll last for years and years - every summer outing will be easier if you keep a cart in your boot!

As we've mentioned previously, our garden carts are also perfect for festivals. Why carry your tent and camping gear on your back when you could just pop it in a cart and roll it from car park to campsite with ease?

Visit our Garden Carts department to see our full range of handy, high-endurance utility carts!

Safety barrier in use

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we love versatile products with multiple uses, and one of the best examples from our own range is our four-panel safety barrier. With a high-visibility design and a lightweight folding frame that makes it easy to transport, this product is a superb all-purpose safety solution that can be used practically anywhere.

Here are some examples of situations in which our safety barrier might come in handy:

  • Working underground? Use our safety barrier to cordon off the entrance and prevent others from falling in or dropping items down the hole.

  • Working at height? The safety barrier can be used to prevent people from entering the area directly beneath you (where they may be at risk from falling objects).

  • Working on a road? Our safety barrier is ideal for roadwork zones - its hi-viz design will ensure that everyone sees it right away!

  • Cleaning up a spill hazard? Prevent the public from slips and falls by erecting a barrier between them and the spill while you clean it up.

Our safety barrier has the words "DANGER - NO ENTRY" printed on each panel, and multiple barriers can be connected to form a single, extra-long barrier if necessary. Click here to see more information and purchase your safety barrier now!

Bloodhound supersonic car

Remember how, back in April, we told you that SafetyLiftinGear is an official partner of The Bloodhound Project? Remember seeing the photos of our lifting equipment in action, helping to make this record-breaking supersonic car a reality? Yes?

Well, we're pleased to announce that a date has been set for Bloodhound's world debut. The car will be making its first public appearance at Newquay Aerohub on Tuesday 17 November, 2015. This event will consist of a 200mph trial - that may sound fast, but it's actually not even a quarter of the final target. Bear in mind that the Bloodhound team are aiming to eventually hit 1,000mph!

After the trial in Cornwall, Bloodhound will be fitted with air brakes and winglets before being sent to South Africa for high-speed testing (that's right - 200mph doesn't even count as 'high speed'!) in the summer of 2016. After that, it's full speed ahead - no pun intended - for a world land speed record attempt!

You can keep up with all the latest updates from Team Bloodhound at Alternatively, why not visit our Lifting Equipment section to see some of the products that are being used to build this spectacular supercar?