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Falling from height is one of the main causes of injury in the workplace. However, these injuries can be prevented if the correct precautions are put in place. 

Here at SafetyLifitinGear, we have a fantastic Rope Access Kit range for sale, and they will make sure your health and safety aren't at risk when you're working at heights.

These Rope Access Kits are suitable for a whole range of professions, and no matter what type of work you do, we're confident that you'll be able to find a rope access kit that is suitable for your requirements. 

Take a look at a selection of kits available in our Rope Access Kit collection below:

Rope Access Kit

Scaffolders Harness Kit

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1x P10 Full Safety Harness

1x Shock Absorber Lanyard

1x Screw Gate Karabiner 

1x Scaffold Hook

1x Draw String Storage Kit Bag

 Rope Access Kit

Roofers Height Safety Kit

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 1x P35 Full Safety Harness

1x Vertical Safety Line with Guided Fall Arrester 

1x Screw Lock Karabiner

1x Wire Connecting Lanyard

1x Heavy Duty Kit Bag

 Rope Access Kit

Riggers Height Safety Kit

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1x Rope Access Quick Release/ Multi-Purpose Safety Harness

1x Y Twin Tail Shock Absorbing Lanyard

1x Scaffold Hooks

1x Screw Lock Karabiner

1x Zip-Up Backpack


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This is just a small selection of our fantastic Rope Access Kit range, that's guaranteed to make your working at height tasks a lot easier and safer! Simply click the button above to view our full collection. 

If you are having trouble viewing, purchasing or hiring any product from our Rope Access Kit range, then please get in touch with a member of our team - we'll be more than happy to help!


If you're looking for a ladder that allows you to work safely and efficiently at height, then a work platform ladder may be just what you need. These ladders feature a large, safe work platform - making it much safer and practical when working for long periods of time, or when handling numerous items. Whatever your industry or working environment, our ladders are fit for the job!

We have an excellent selection of work platform ladders for you to choose from, including:


Industrial Aluminium Platform Stepladder

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This platform stepladder is constructed from the highest quality aluminium, and is manufactured right here in the UK! Unique strengthening beams have been incorporated into each non-slip tread, making the ladder very sturdy. This ladder doesn't have any tapes or flimsy arms to break, and its aluminium side arms prevent any slips or twists. The rubber feet prevent the ladder from moving around when in use. Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 tread, you're guaranteed to find the right option for you.


 Heavy Duty Glassfibre Platform Stepladder 

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If you're looking for a non-conductive ladder to use where electrical hazards exist, this glass fibre platform stepladder is ideal for you. It features rigid box-section back legs with additional cross braces and 'k' straps for increased strength and stability. It's lightweight, making it easy for you to transport to and from each job. The plastic tool tray offers you a safe place for you to station your tools and equipment. This stepladder is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 tread, with the back legs of the 10 & 12 tread options being reinforced.

Anti-Slip Aluminium Low-Level Work Platform

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If you need a stable platform to access low-level places, our Aluminium Low-Level Work Platform is perfect for you! It features steel lockable hinges, non-slip feet and can be easily folded away and stored when you no longer need it. This work platform will make gardening and decorating jobs so much easier! We offer work platforms in a variety of dimensions to suit all requirements. Order yours today!

You can buy lots of different work platform ladders from SafetyLiftinGear.com, but we also offer lots of other ladders including, glass fibre ladders for electrical work and loft ladders for use in the home. Click the button below to shop the whole ladder range:

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If you have pallets of equipment that require lifting and transporting around your site but are unable to do so because a standard forklift truck simply cannot reach, then a crane fork attachment is exactly what you need!

What is a pallet fork?

A crane pallet fork is a suspended piece of equipment that is used to lift pallets in areas of a workplace that a regular forklift cannot and is available in two different forms; manual balancing and automatic balancing, depending on the user’s needs. Manual balancing crane forks require the operator to adjust the hook position on the forks to suit the desired load, ensuring it is lifted correctly and is not dangerously leaning forward, which brings the risk of the load accidentally dropping. Automatic/self-balancing crane forks, on the other hand, require no manual interference to level the load. They do, however, require to carry a load which weighs 20% of the maximum safe working load (SWL) to work correctly and efficiently, e.g. a 2-tonne crane fork must be loaded with a minimum of 400kg. The automatic balancing feature is engaged by a pressurised gas spring once the load is placed onto the forks. The load will always be in the centre of the forks, ensuring safe movement and transport.

Our range of crane pallet forks

Here at SLG, we supply a range of high-quality crane forks, manufactured with the highest quality of steel by Boscaro Italia to ensure both robustness and reliability. Available with SWL’s up to 3-tonnes, these crane forks are self-balancing, so require to intervention when it comes to levelling your loads. As well as automatic balancing, these forks also feature fully adjustable tines from 340mm to 1600mm in width, with a locking mechanism to secure your desired fork position. Each one of our crane forks is also equipped with net-friendly attachments to allow the easy use of safety nets to protect against falling loose items. Compliant to BS EN 13155, our collection of crane pallet forks is fully tested and meet all industry standard requirements.  

Crane Forks 2 Tonne - Adjustable Self Balancing


Perfect for a variety of heavy lifting tasks, our range of crane forks are available for both purchase and hire. Simply select either the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Hire Me’ option below your desired product and follow the clear and easy on-screen instructions to either place the item in your shopping basket and proceed to checkout, or to fill in an enquiry form to receive a rental quote. You can view our full range of crane forks or take a look at our instructional video by hitting the relevant button below.

If you have any questions regarding our range of crane pallet forks for overhead cranes, please do not hesitate to contact us today by calling 0808 123 69 69 or emailing sales@safetyliftingear.com

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At times, you may find yourself in need of a piece of equipment that can easily and safely transport very heavy loads such as large blocks, bricks, slabs and boulders. Luckily for you, we have just what you need right here at SafetyLiftinGear! Our range of quality Block Grabs allows you to effortlessly manoeuvre your heavy loads around site with ease, removing any worries that you may have about safety or efficiency. We understand, however, that not everyone is able to purchase or store this piece of equipment permanently. We, therefore, offer a hire service that allows you to use this equipment on a temporary basis. Perfect if you require to move a heavy load for a specific job!

Block Grab 1800kg with safety net facility by Boscaro Italy


What is a block grab?

A block grab is a piece of equipment that is usually attached to a crane, large excavator or forklift designed for the safe transportation of heavy loads. Specifically, suitable for handling of all types of concrete products such as paving blocks, block kerbstones and slabs. A safety net should always be used when operating this piece of equipment to ensure the safety of the user and others in the load becomes insecure.

How to use a block grab

Correct use is paramount when it comes to this type of equipment due to the safety risks involved. To operate safely and efficiently, follow these simple steps:

  • Attach block grab to hoist
  • Adjust levelling arms to the height of the load
  • Place block grab in the centre of the load and slowly let it down until levelling arms touch the top of the load and the automatic open-close device unlocks
  • The grab will close when the load is lifted, secure the safety net to all net hooks and place under load – load is now ready for transportation
  • Handles should only be used to manually guide the block grab to avoid backwards movement
  • When you have arrived at your destination, low the grab slowly and carefully until the load is set down and the automatic open-close device locks
  • The grab will now open and can be lifted back up

Why rent a block grab?

As mentioned, renting one of our block grabs allows you to perform one-off tasks without the commitment of purchase and storage. Perfect if you do not have the funds or space to permanently hold this piece of equipment. With fast-paced delivery, easy and clear instructions as well as great value prices, renting with SafetyLiftingear could not be easier. To hire one of our block grabs, simply hit the button below and click the ‘Hire Me’ option below your desired product and follow the clear on-screen instructions to complete an enquiry form and receive your rental quotation – it’s as easy as that!

We also a number of accessories for our block grabs such as nets and drop chains. All of which have been tested and fully certified so you can b rest assured that all and every accessory is of the highest standard of quality. 

If you have any questions regarding our range of block grabs, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0808 123 69 69 or emailing sales@safetyliftingear.com

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