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Have you ever needed to complete a lifting job within a confined space but didn’t have the right the piece of equipment to do so because you simply did not know what to use? Well, those worries are a thing of the past with our range of Gantry Cranes!

A gantry crane is a overhead crane that lifts objects by a hoist. Gantry cranes are supported by legs that usually travel along the ground on wheels or horizontally along a rail. Usually associated with incredibly large outdoor lifting and construction jobs such as the manufacturing of ships and terminals, these useful pieces of equipment are also available for the use within smaller operations within shops and warehouses.

Our Range of Gantry Cranes

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we have a wide range of different gantry cranes available for both sale and hire. Overhead cranes with hoists are great tools for a range of different jobs.

We offer gantry cranes with a wide range of varied specifications and features, such as beam length, overall weight and support height.

Fitted with 160mm diameter 360-degree castors for easy transport, our gantries are perfect for the use within small workshops that may require heavy lifting jobs such as removing engines out of vehicles.

Each of our gantry cranes is fully adjustable, with the working height and hoist position able to be changed on a job-to-job basis.  With two A-frames, upright beams and one cross beam made from aluminium to provide strength, durability and a lightweight structure, our gantry cranes make easy work of any lifting and moving tasks you may have.

2000kg Aluminium Gantry, 6mtr beam, 1600-2200mm

One of our most popular gantry systems is our easy-rig aluminium gantry. With a 6-metre beam and an impressive lifting capacity of 2000kg, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular gantry option! Available for both sale and hire, click the link below to find out more.

2000kg Aluminium Gantry – 6mtr Beam


Each one of our gantry cranes is fully certified and tested to ensure reliability and provide you with the peace of mind that the product you are receiving is one of high quality. We understand that not all customers are able to commit to purchasing due to storage and financial limitations, therefore, we offer a rental service that allows you to use our cranes for a temporary period of time.

To receive a hire quote, simply hit the ‘Hire Me’ option located below your desired gantry crane and follow the clear on-screen instructions until you have completed your enquiry. To view our full range of gantry cranes, simply click the button below!

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If you have any questions regarding our range of gantry cranes then please do not hesitate to contact us today by calling 0808 123 69 69 or emailing

Have you identified a height safety hazard at work?

If you or your employees are working at a height liable to cause personal injury if they a fall, it is important that proper safety procedures and equipment are implemented. When you have identified hazard associated with working at height, the next step is to choose the correct fall protection equipment and ensure employees are trained on how to use it accordingly.


Should You Wear a Safety Harness?

If you are working at height there is a good chance you should be wearing a safety harness to reduce the risk of a fall. After all, most workplace falls are easily preventable with proper planning and the use of PPE.

Choosing the right safety harness to suit your circumstances is crucial. At SafetyLiftinGear, we offer a comprehensive range of fall protection safety harnesses and safety harness kits that are ideal for a range of conditions.


P11 2-Point Harness Restraint Kit

P11 2-Point Harness Restraint Kit

This harness restraint kit is a perfect choice if you are looking for a cost-effective way of buying several components required to ensure fall protection safety in one place. This kit includes our P11 2-point Full Safety Harness, two screw lock karabiners, one LB100 2 metre Adjustable Restraint Lanyard and a drawstring bag for easy storage. Find out more about this kit by clicking the button below.

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 G-Force P70 Multi Purpose Rope Access Quick Release Harness

G-Force p70 Multi-Purpose / Rope Access Quick Release Harness

This fall protection safety harness is incredibly versatile. It features quick release buckles, is adjustable at the legs, chest and upper body, and is suitably padded to ensure comfort all day long. It is also available in a range of colours! Find out more below:

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These are just a few examples of the fall protection safety harnesses we have on offer at SafetyLiftingGear. To view our full range of fall protection equipment, follow this link. Or to look specifically at our range of safety harnesses, follow this link.

A lightweight stretcher is an invaluable piece of equipment during an emergency situation. In the event that someone has been injured and must be evacuated, a lightweight stretcher is the ideal product to safely transport a person to receive medical treatment.

At SafetyLiftinGear we supply a number of lightweight rescue stretchers that are designed for maximum comfort and the overall safety of the victim. Our stretchers are made of the highest quality materials to ensure that they are reliable.

All stretchers are made to be easily transported from location to location, designed to be easily manoeuvred even when a person is strapped in. Here's a closer look at some of the lightweight stretchers that we offer:

Cotton Fabric Aluminium Folding Rescue Stretcher

 rescue stretcher

This lightweight stretcher has a frame that can hold an impressive 300kgs, which is ideal for carrying a person safely away from danger. It can be quickly locked in position and folded away to be stored and transported easily. 

Stainless Steel Folding Rescue Stretcher

steel stretcher

Our heavier duty stretcher can support loads up to 1000kgs due to its strong and rigid frame. Perfect for carrying heavy loads for an extended amount of time.  

Aluminium Foldable Rescue Stretcher 

Our Aluminium Lightweight Rescue Stretcher is produced with a rigid construction made from Aluminium profiles with Cordura fabric. This quality stretcher is collapsible, lightweight and portable making it perfect for the use during any rescue operation.

NOTE: Anyone using a stretcher should have had the appropriate training and competence to use it safely. The instructions provided with each stretcher is not equivalent to proper training during rescue situations. 

If you have any questions regarding our lightweight stretchers, our friendly team of experts are more than happy to help. For any advice on any of our products feel free to call, 0808 123 69 69. View our full range of Lightweight Stretchers by hitting the button below!

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