Lugging heavy goods up and down flights of stairs can be hard work that does no favours to your back. What’s more, it can be extremely time consuming and, at times, quite dangerous, particularly when it concerns heavy loads.

Cut the time, danger and hassle out of your next floor-to-floor lifting job with the labour-killing qualities of these awesome powered stairclimbers, now available at SLG!

sano, powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber


SANO Powered Stairclimbers

The handiwork of SANO UK Powered Stairclimbers, every one of the SANO stairclimber products available at is built to the highest specification available.

With over 15 years of industry experience, SANO has been providing top-quality stairclimbers since 2003. Based in Ipswich, the company continues to go from strength-to-strength, with consistently high-calibre products.

Fortunately, the range of SANO stairclimbers at SLG are no exception…


SAL 110kg-170kg Powered Stairclimbers

Extremely light and impressively speedy, the SAL range from SANO makes manoeuvring heavy packages and crates up flights of stairs a doddle!

Easy-to-use, safe and using a battery-powered mechanism, the SAL stairclimber lifts itself onto each step automatically, providing precision efficiency as you scale with effortless ease.

Meanwhile, this handy hand truck glides down as smoothly and safely as it scaled up, with the motor acting as an eddy current brake, reducing the risk of accidents in the process.

Despite being the lightest stairclimber in the world at just 16kg, the SAL is surprisingly strong and capable under weight.

Available in three different weight capacities (110kg, 140kg and 170kg), the SAL line has the ability to climb as many as 48 steps/minute.


 powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

SAL UNI 110kg-170kg Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting lockers, furniture, drinks, copier paper and files.


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

SAL FOLD 110kg-170kg Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting white goods such as washing machines, floor sanding machines, gas cylinders and more.


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

SAL FOLD-L 110kg-170kg Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for large items such as refrigerators, doors, windows, kitchen worktops, tiles and more.


HD 220kg-360kg Heavy Duty Powered Stairclimbers

The HD range from SANO makes light work of heavy lifting, providing you swift and safe transport solution whether you're going upstairs or down.

Capable of handling loads of up to 360kg and steps of up to 22cm, the robust composition of the rugged, aluminium frame coupled with puncture-proof tyres and aluminium toe-plates make the HD line a solid choice – figuratively and literally.

With two climbing speeds and two operational modes (single-step and continuous), the HD has the ability to climb 16 steps/minute when carrying a heavy load and even includes an integrated step-edge braking system for enhanced safety during use.


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

HD UNI 220kg-360kg Heavy Duty Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting high and heavy objects, such as: electrical enclosures, drinks dispensers, gaming machines, large boilers, solar heating vessels, heavy rolls of linoleum or stacks of crates.


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

HD FOLD 220kg-360kg Heavy Duty Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting heavy items with a low centre of gravity, such as: copiers, cast-iron stoves, boilers, linen trucks, batteries for telephone systems, lift motors etc


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

HD UNI DOLLY 220kg-360kg Heavy Duty Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting heavy items across flat surfaces with minimal effort, as well as transporting them up and downstairs.


powered stairclimbers, powered stairclimber

HD FOLD DOLLY 220kg-360kg Heavy Duty Powered Stairclimbers

Ideal for transporting loads on flat surfaces and up/downstairs, with adjustable handles to match the centre of gravity.


For more information about any of the SANO stairclimber products available at or to find out more about powered stairclimber products in general, why not drop us a line? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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With Christmas just around the corner and the festive spirit beginning to snowball, it’s only fitting that we spread some holiday cheer ourselves here at SLG.

With that in mind, we’re giving you even more reason to wrap up warm this winter with an extra 10% off LifeGear lifting gloves this December!

From lightweight gloves for engineers and builders to heavy-duty working gloves for rigging and harsh environments, we’ve got you covered (literally)!


discount work gloves


LifeGear Gloves on Offer NOW!

For the entire month of December, you can save an additional 10% on working gloves from outdoor/safety equipment brand, LifeGear.

To give you a close look at these great, affordable PPE products, join us as we take a close look and get to grips with each one…


discount work gloves

Black Nitrile Engineering Gloves

Deliberately designed with lightweight material, these black polyester engineering gloves are made for maximum dexterity and complete tactile comfort.

Complete with a black, full-dip nitrile coating, these gloves are ideal for general assembly, handling and engineering applications.

Also features elasticated cuff with permeable material on fingers and back of the hand for enhanced breathability.


discount work gloves

Green Latex Grip Builders Gloves

Warm, protective and textured, these builders gloves are ideal for outdoor use and keeping your hands insulated while on the job.

Featuring latex covered palms and fingers for heightened dexterity, you can rest assured that your grip holds firm where lesser gloves may falter.

These gloves also come with an elasticated wrist for a secure fastening and breathable, knitted backhand for a comfortable fit.


discount work gloves

Rigger Gloves

Hard-wearing, durable and extremely tough, these cost-effective rigger gloves provide an economical safety solution for light-duty work applications.

These affordable rigger gloves feature a cotton lining for cooling hand comfort and benefit from a simplistic design that makes the perfect for general-purpose use.


discount work gloves

Premium Quality Rigger Gloves

Building on the previous entry, this premium model boasts all the benefits of the standard rigger glove and more.

Featuring reinforced double palms, as well as thumb and forefinger protection for enriched durability, with a stiff leather cuff to supplement them.

This product also boasts a simple yet comfortable lining to ensure a comfy fit and pleasant user-experience.


discount work gloves

Safety Impact Working Gloves

Ideal for general engineering applications in harsher environments, the Safety Impact Working Glove provides impact protection in a variety of ways to keep your hands safe at all times.

Boasting TPR protective covering on the back of the hand, this product also benefits from pinch injury prevention and blow deflection technology on the knuckles, fingers and carpal bone.

Abrasion and tear-resistant, these durable PPE gloves also have a contoured, neoprene cuff with pull-on tab, ensuring a secure fit while also providing snag-resistance.


discount work gloves

Cut Resistant Impact Safety Work Gloves

Featuring reinforced stitching on the palm and thumb, these cut-resistant safety gloves are made for extended wear and enhanced durability for a variety of applications.

Once again harnessing the protective qualities of TPR impact protection technology, these gloves also offer back of hand protection and pinch injury prevention/blow deflection for the knuckles, fingers and carpal bone.

These expertly made protective gloves also boast an impressively contoured neoprene cuff, complete with pull-on tab for ease of use, while also benefitting from anti-slip technology for a secure yet cushioned grip.


 discount work gloves

Thermal-lined Cut Resistant Safety Impact Working Gloves

The crown jewel of the LifeGear safety glove range, these gloves offer all the trimmings this Christmastime.

From impact protection on the rear of the hand and pinch injury/blow deflection technology, to reinforced stitching and cut-resistant material, these gloves offer durable practicality in abundance.

With anti-slip palms for enhanced grip and contoured neoprene cuffs with pull-on tabs for snag-resistance, you can rest assured that your hands remain safe and your grip remains firm whenever these gloves are in use.


Get Your LifeGear Gloves Discount Code NOW!

All you have to do is enter the code “GLOVE10” at checkout to activate your discount.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these fantastic, finger-protecting products today and give yourself an early Christmas present that fits you… well, like a glove!

Don’t be left out in the cold this Christmas – keep your hands warm and protected on the job with top-quality working gloves at SLG!


For more information on any safety working gloves available at SLG, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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Looking for a dependable rigging attachment to help you with your lifting headaches? We’ve got just the product that’s guaranteed to leave you beaming!

Continuing our commitment to bring you the latest and greatest lifting solutions available, we’ve just added five new products to our growing range of beam clamps.

Best of all, these products come bearing the iconic mark of YALE, providing all the sturdy reliability we have come to expect from this established brand.

Enough chit-chat: let’s clampdown on these new YALE products and take a closer look. Beam me up, Scotty!


beam clamps, yale beam clamps


What Are Beam Clamps?

Also known as girder clamps, beam clamps provide a safe and secure solution for those looking to suspend or secure fixtures and hardware to beam flanges without the need for welding or drilling.

Typically, beam clamps are attached to overhead beams to act as suspension points for lifting appliances; however, certain beam clamps can also be attached to the load itself as for lifting.


YALE YC Beam Clamps

Providing a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment, pulley blocks or loads on a beam, the YALE YC beam clamp range offers a simple and effective solution for a variety of rigging needs.

Equipped with a secure locking device for enhanced safety and reliability, YALE YC beam clamps can be attached to both horizontal beams and vertical beams.

When used in conjunction with multiple YALE YC beam clamps, this piece of kit can also be used to manoeuvre loose steel beams as well.

With a wide adjustment range and a centre threaded spindle, this unit offers flexible application and easy attachment for safe and simple use.

When used as a lifting clamp, this product is suitable for steel beams with that can be fully entered into the mouth of the clamp and adhere to the range indicated on the identity plate.


YALE Beam Clamps at SLG

At, YALE Beam Clamps are currently available in the following weight capacities:

YALE YC1 1000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC2 2000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC3 3000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC5 5000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC10 10,000kg Beam Clamp


For more information on the beam clamps mentioned in this blog or any other YALE products available at SLG, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or drop us an email using the button below.

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In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best lifting equipment known to man, we’ve scoured the lifting gear landscape for the latest and greatest innovations to add to our growing inventory of goodies.

As a result, we’ve added two more fantastic items to our arsenal this week, in the form of two mighty chain blocks from material handling maestros, Yale.

With that being said, enough with the idle chit-chat – let’s get down to business and take a look at these awesome additions in more detail!


yale chainblocks


Yale Chain Blocks at SLG

Part of the almighty Columbus McKinnon group, Yale Lifting Solutions has earned a reputation as a global leader in material handling and motion control.

ISO 9001 certified with a myriad of additional certificates to back it up, Yale is a reliable brand in the lifting industry, with innovation a key component of their products.

For proof of that innovation, look no further than these latest Yale chain blocks to arrive at SLG:


yale chainblocks

Yale VSIII Manual Chain Block

Yet another innovation from the good folks at Yale, the new and improved Yale VSIII Manual Chainblock boasts a variety of fresh perks in terms of usability to design.

From a functionality standpoint, the design of the hand chain has been notably improved to prevent hand injuries and operational canting.

Meanwhile, high-quality bearings have been added to each side plate, the gearbox and the load chain sheave to ensure smooth operation.

Even the chain itself has had an upgrade, featuring EN818-7 zinc-plated load chain. This chain hoist has been fully tested and certified to the appropriate operational standard.

Lightweight and compact, this chain hoist is a handy piece of kit, capable of lifting a hefty load with ease.

Available in the following weight categories:


yale chainblocks

YaleLift 360degree Chainblock</H3>

Another fantastic product from Yale, the YaleLift 360degree Chainblock offers unrivalled directional versatility and user-friendly operation.

Thanks to the innovative 360-degree rotating hand chain guide, the revolutionary system allows the operator to use the hand chain from virtually any angle and any position. This allows for use in confined areas, from the side of a load and even horizontally.

Fully tested and certified, the added positional flexibility provides enhanced safety and allows the operator to use this equipment outside of the hazardous area, notably reducing the risk factor as a result.

Available in the following weight capacities:


In addition to offering an extremely competitive price, we are also happy to say we offer next day delivery for all of these products. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and put the power of Yale behind your lift today!


For more information on Yale products or any chainblocks available at SLG, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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Heavy-duty load moving skates are a handy and versatile piece of kit to have in your arsenal, particularly when it comes to industrial environments, such as warehouses.

Ideal for lifting and shifting heavy and awkward goods, our polyurethane machine moving skates are virtually invaluable and a must-have for any company that deals with heavy goods and machinery.

If you work in an industrial environment and are looking for a heavy-duty moving solution, get your skates on with these new heavy-duty load moving skate sets from!



Load Moving Skate Sets from Loadsurfer

Perfect for use in a variety of industrial settings, from factories to shipyards, the new load moving skate sets from Loadsurfer provide simple moving capability for heavy loads over short distances.

Specifically designed for heavy-duty manual handling, these durable dollies are designed for enhanced manoeuvrability and are excellent for moving awkward items – such as heavy equipment and machinery – into the desired position/location.


Why Choose Loadsurfer Load Moving Skates?

The Loadsurfer Moving Skate Set comes in two distinct weight categories: 48-tonne version and 64-tonne version. To put that into context, that’s equivalent to 8 and 11 elephants respectively.

Both feature a steering skate with turntable for versatile directional freedom during operation. The handle provides pulling/steering functionality while the turntable features a bearing for easy turning.

Complete with a heavy-duty design, both models also come with polyurethane wheels for enhanced durability, long-lasting performance and reduced risk of floor damage, ensuring the job is completed safely and efficiently.

Best of all, both the 48-tonne version and 64-tonne model are available to hire as well as purchase, should you require them for short-term use.


Load Moving Skate Set (48 tonne)

Product Spec:

  • 1 x 24 tonne steering skate (1000 x 580 x 120mm)
  • 2 x 12 tonne trailing skates (360 x 315 x 120mm)
  • Total Weight = 200kg
  • WLL = 48t


Load Moving Skate Set (64 tonne)

Product Spec:

  • 1 x 24 tonne steering skate (1080 x 720 x 140mm)
  • 2 x 12 tonne trailing skates (460 x 315 x 140mm)
  • Total Weight = 312kg
  • WLL = 64t


For more information on load moving skate sets or any Loadsurfer products available at, why not give us a call today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online via the button below.

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