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G-Force safety harness

Our G-Force safety products are incredibly durable, but it's still important to take good care of them.

The maximum lifespan of G-Force safety harnesses (and other G-Force textile products) is 10 years. However, the actual lifespan of your harness will depend on how and where you use it - try to avoid exposing your harness to sharp edges, corrosive substances, extreme temperatures and other harsh environments.

Here are some more care and maintenance tips to help you maximise the lifespan of your G-Force safety harness:

  • Read the instruction booklet that came with your harness and follow its recommendations.

  • Store your gear properly in a well-ventilated area. Do not leave your harness in direct sunlight or lying around on the floor. Keep it away from damp places where mould may develop.

  • If you wish to mark your harness for identification purposes, make sure you only mark the labels and/or the comfort parts of the harness. Do not mark the product in a way that might reduce its integrity or interfere with the functionality of the harness.

  • We recommend wearing disposable coveralls to protect your harness if there is a chance that it will be splattered with paint, oil, etc. Use scissors to cut a hole in the coveralls and pass the lanyard through this hole.

How to label a safety harness

How to clean your safety harness

Keeping your G-Force harness clean will make it easier to inspect and help to ensure that any markings on the product (e.g. identification, standards) remain legible.

To clean your safety harness, follow these steps:

  • Wash the harness in lukewarm soapy water (30 °C maximum, pH neutral).

  • Next, rinse the harness thoroughly with fresh tap water.

  • Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a small brush.

  • Alternatively, you can clean your harness in the washing machine (30 °C delicate synthetic setting, no detergent, no spin cycle). We recommend placing your harness inside a thick cloth bag to protect the machine from the metal parts of the harness.

  • Do not wash your harness with a high-pressure water sprayer. Avoid using any cleaning products besides household face/body soap - stronger products may damage the nylon harness.

  • Once your harness is clean, hang it on a line to dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight, radiators, flames, etc.

If you have any further questions about your safety harness and how to look after it, please feel free to contact SafetyLiftinGear's customer service team.

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