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With the world slowly getting back to some sort of normality, businesses up and down the country are starting to open their doors back to the public, which means operations can begin to resume. To make the transition back into normal working life a little easier, SafetyLiftinGear are excited to announce amazing special offers on two of our material handling products! 

Material handling equipment is essential for the transportation of goods in and around businesses and can make everyday tasks not just easier and quicker but a lot safer. This is why so many businesses invest in good, quality material handling equipment to help make day-to-day operations run smoother and keep their employees as safe as possible.
The products that we are currently promoting at a special discounted price are two of our most popular pipe trolleys! Find out more about these two fantastic products below! 

LoadSurfer 200kg Pipe Tube Trolley 


 Our LoadSurfer 200kg Pipe Trolley was £87.59 before VAT but is now at £69.98 + VAT - amazing! Find more information on this fantastic product below.

Products Features:

  • Pipe Tube Trolley 500mm Length
  • Solid Rubber Tyre
  • Wheel Diameter 200mm (Incl.tyre)
  • Dimensions: (L)500mm x (W)600mm
  • Max Pipe Diameter 450mm
  • Max Load 200kg

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LoadSurfer 250kg Pipe Tube Trolley

Our LoadSurfer 250kg Pipe Trolley was £109.49 before VAT but is now £94.98 + VAT - another incredible saving! 

Product Features:

  • Pipe / Tube Trolley 915mm Length
  • Solid Cushion Wheels
  • Wheel Diameter 400mm x 80mm
  • Dimensions (L)915mm x (W)430mm
  • Max Pipe Diameter 300mm
  • Max Load 250kg

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Both of these fantastic products are sure to help with making tasks and operations around warehouses and stockrooms much more enjoyable. You can find our full range of material handling equipment below if you require more products to help your business get back to normal. 

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If you require more information on our two pipe tube trolleys or any of our other material handling products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today!


Man wearing full-face visor

UK businesses are beginning to come out of lockdown and get back to normal, but COVID-19 (coronavirus) is still a massive concern across virtually all sectors. Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we offer a variety of protective products to help companies keep their workers safe and stop the virus from spreading.

One such product is the Life Gear FS002 Comfy-Fit Adjustable Face Shield. These protective visors cover the whole face, minimising the wearer's risk of getting infected or infecting others via microscopic respiratory droplets.



If there's one thing that hasn't slowed down or stopped during the lockdown, is home deliveries. In fact, research by the Royal Mail shows that parcel deliveries have increased by a staggering 31% between March 30th and May 3rd of this year, showing just how much the nation has turned to online shopping as a result of high street retailers temporarily closing their doors. 

With this extra burden placed on delivery companies and more importantly delivery drivers and work personnel, it's important that they are able to carry out their job as efficiently and safely as possible. For this very reason, we are proud to announce a brand new product that will ensure all delivery workers can perform their job with confidence, knowing they are supported, especially with larger, heavier goods. 

G-Force Courier/Order Picker Harness



Introducing the G-Force courier/order picker harness! A safety harness that ensures even load distribution when carrying heavy packages, perfect for delivery personnel that have consistent heavy goods that need to be carried and delivered.

This harness significantly relieves both the shoulder and spine of added stress and pressure, enabling daily tasks carried out by couriers to be completed in a safer and more reliable manner. It offers a foldable carrying shelf that acts as an additional point of support for the goods being carried, which allows the courier to have greater control and grasp. This also allows the courier to reach for a handle or a key pocket with a free hand while the shelf holds the weight of the goods, perfect for those awkward situations between loading and delivering packages. 

A great aspect of the harness is that it does not hamper movement as a result of the adjustable carrying strap system that suits any and all body shapes! Here are some additional product features:

  • Soft padding on the shoulders
  • Adjustment buckles
  • Comfortable waist belt
  • Foldable carrying shelf
  • Max capacity - 30kg



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For more information on our G-Force courier picker harness, be sure to get in touch with a member of the SafetyLiftinGear team today, our team are happy to help with any enquiries that you may have! You can call us today on 0117 9381 600 or email us at sales@safetyliftingear.com


Despite these uncertain times, the team here at SafetyLiftinGear have been working extremely hard behind the scenes and are proud to announce that we now supply a range of Kratos Safety fall protection to help keep you safe when working at height! 

Based in France, Kratos Safety utilise a range of certified laboratories, designers and technicians to not only ensure that their range of safety equipment meets European safety standards but exceeds expectations when it comes to comfort, innovation and quality. Offering products from a variety of categories such as harnesses & belts, fall arresters, tool lanyards and rope access, Kratos is experienced in creating effective equipment that ensures your safety.

Here is a selection of the Kratos equipment available to buy from SLG today: 


Kratos 2-point Full Body Harness


Product Features: 

- Full body harness with 1 dorsal D-Ring and 1 sternal D-Ring on the sternal strap

- Adjustable shoulder & thigh straps

- Ideally positioned sit strap for extended comfort 

- Max User Weight: 140kg

- Conformity: EN361:2002

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Kratos Twin Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block



Product Features: 

- Retractable fall arrester with double aluminium casing and 2 webbing lanyards (2m)

- Includes 2x scaffold hooks at the anchorage end

- Webbing: 25mm

- Max Weight: 100kg

- Conforms to EN360:2002

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Kratos 300kg Load Arrestor


Product Features: 

Load Arrestor with galvanised steel wire rope designed to stop the fall of a 300kg weight load

- Casing made of high impact strength polymer to prevent breakage

- Length: 10mtr

- Conforms to 2006/42/CE

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You can find our full range of Kratos Safety equipment right here.

For more information on our collection of Kratos Safety fall protection, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SLG team today, we'd love to hear from you! 

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