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Tag lines for lifting operations

We have added some new products to our range of tag lines for heavy lifting operations.

These products are designed to help you keep control of a load while it's being lifted. A tag line can be used to manoeuvre a suspended load and keep it from rotating and swinging in mid-air.



Miller Height Safety Equipment

We're pleased to announce that we have added a selection of Miller fall protection products to our height safety range.

Miller is a new generation of height safety equipment. All of their products are designed with your safety and comfort in mind, and they allow for expanded freedom of movement.

Here are some of the Miller products that are now available to order from SafetyLiftinGear.com:

Miller height safety harness

Pictured above is the Miller Bodyfit full-body harness. With its breathable padding and Duraflex stretch webbing, it's incredibly comfortable to wear and perfect for electrical maintenance, telecommunications work, etc.

The Miller Bodyfit harness is long-lasting and very easy to put on and adjust.

More Miller harnesses:

Miller lanyard with scaffold hook

The product shown above is Miller's kernmantel shock-absorbing lanyard. It comes with a G065 scaffold hook for easy attachment.

This lanyard is designed to be edge resistant, reducing the risk of your height safety equipment breaking on edges. The highly-visible light green rope is easily recognisable even from a distance.

See also: Miller Edge-Tested 2mtr Stretchable Manyard®

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Compact sack truck

We have added a trio of compact sack trucks to our range of material handling products.

These lightweight sack trucks are suitable for heavy-duty applications in warehouses, factories, workshops and a wide variety of other environments.

Choose from the following options:


Folds away for easy storage

These sack trucks have a compact design that's complemented by their ability to fold away for storage purposes.

The toe plate folds back, and the sack truck's handles can be dropped so that the product takes up less space in your vehicle or storage space.

Compact sack truck folded for easy storage

These compact sack trucks are great value for money - click here to order yours!

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