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Moving furniture around

We've got a great new range of products to help you out with lifting and moving tasks around the house!

Moving furniture around can be dangerous if it's heavy and you're relying solely on your own strength. Lifting a cumbersome object like a sofa or a fridge can lead to back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders if you go about it the wrong way. And if you drop the load in question, in can do a lot of damage - to the floor, to the item itself, and of course to your foot. Ouch!



Using a ratchet strap with hook

Using a ratchet strap to secure heavy loads is a great way to prevent accidents and keep goods safe in transit.

Of course, you must ensure that your load is properly secured before you set off - and in order to do that, you will need to know the proper way to use a ratchet strap.



Electric vacuum lifter

Our 120kg Electric Vacuum Suction Lifter is a brand new product that is now available from stock.

The normal price will be £149.98 plus VAT, but as a special introductory offer, we've taken 20% off.

So for the month of August only, the electric vacuum lifter is available to buy for just £119.98 plus VAT!

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Goods lift in London Hilton on Park Lane

SafetyLiftinGear's chain blocks and electric hoists were recently used to dismantle a large goods lift at a hotel on London's Park Lane.

Elevator Solutions Ltd, a Kent-based company who specialise in decommissioning lifts, were asked to remove the 8 tonne lift car and all shaft pulleys. After carrying out an initial site survey and tests, the Elevator Solutions team used a 10 tonne chain block from SafetyLiftinGear to tackle the lift car.



Rope ladder

We are pleased to announce that SafetyLiftinGear's ever-expanding range of height access products now includes a selection of general purpose rope ladders.

These ladders are made from 8mm polyester rope, and they're suitable for a variety of different uses.



110 volt electric pump

We recently expanded our ActionRam range with the addition of a 110 volt electric pump - ideal for workshops, garages and on-site jobs.



MSA safety equipment


We are proud to announce that SafetyLiftinGear is now a distributor of MSA Safety products. We have a range of harnesses, fall limiters and gas detectors available to buy online, and we'll be adding many more MSA products to our range in the near future.


About MSA Safety Inc.

MSA Safety Incorporated is an American company that was founded in 1914. After a mine explosion in West Virginia claimed the lives of more than eighty workers, engineer John T. Ryan began exploring ways to protect people in hazardous workplaces. The first product manufactured by Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) was an electric cap lamp that made mine explosions much rarer.

That was more than a hundred years ago. Since then, MSA Safety has become known around the world as a company that's dedicated to protecting the lives of workers.


What MSA equipment do we offer?

We currently offer:

Our MSA range will be expanding very soon, with many new items already on their way. Please don't hesitate to contact the SafetyLiftinGear team if you have any questions about our high-quality safety equipment!

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