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Globestock is a well-established player in the safety solutions field. For over 30 years, they have been designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality confined space, working at height and load arrest safety equipment. So, if you haven’t already heard of them, it’s time you did!

Globestock source all of their materials from the UK, most of their materials actually comes from the West Midlands where Globestock is based. This dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of Globestock’s products plus it gives Globestock lots of control over what goes into their products!

Ok, so now you know a little bit about Globestock, let’s take a look at some of the exciting new Globestock products we’ve added to our site…

Globestock Tripod, Winch & G.Saver 1 Kit

These Globestock tripod kits offer everything that you need to complete a confined space task. Complete with confined space tripod, mad riding winch and recovery fall arrester, this kit ensures you are 100% prepared to complete the job at hand. Currently, we supply these kits with three different winch lengths: 14 metre, 20 metre or 34 metre. This makes us confident that we’ll have a Globestock tripod kit suitable for your needs.

G.Guard Load Arrestors

The Globestock G.Guard series of load arrestors is designed to instantly stop the descent of an overhead load. It behaves in a very similar way to a seatbelt, while the load descends steadily, the brake will not engage. But, if the load enters into a free-fall then they automatic braking system is triggered, bringing the falling load to a stop.

These load arrestors are incredibly versatile and have been used for fall arrest applications on car production lines, in theatres and even in nuclear power stations! We offer G.Guard Load arrestors in a selection of maximum weight capacities and cable lengths. 

Find all of them here >

G.Winch (Man Riding Winch)

The G. Winches from Globestock are manually operated winches that can be used to raise or lower people as necessary. This style of winch is perfect for use in confined spaces where there’s a requirement to act quickly and possibly a lack of electrical power sources nearby. G. Winches feature:

  • Anti-run braking mechanism
  • Durable gears
  • Steel body and casing
  • High mechanical efficiency

Shop G. Winch Man Riding Winches here >

G.STOP Fall Arresters

The G. STOP fall arresters are made using in high-quality precision cut components. These fall arresters will perform reliably whether you’re working offshore, in a mine or in any other adverse conditions. When a fall occurs, this G.STOP fall arrester’s braking system is activated. Then, the fall is gently arrested to provide minimal stress on the user’s body.

We offer these Globestock G.STOP fall arresters in a range of lengths to suit all requirements. To take a closer look, simply click the button below:

View G.STOP Fall Arresters & Accessories >

This blog covers the majority of the new Globestock products we’ve recently added to the site, but there are a few extras and accessories that you can view by checking out the extensive range of Globestock products in our Height Safety category. To take a shortcut there, click the button below.

View all Globestock products here >



Here at SafetyLiftinGear.com, we stock a wide variety of scaffold hoists and scaffold hoist accessories to give you the best choice on the lifting gear market.

In keeping with that theme, we’ve added a few new additions to our solid selection of scaffold hoist goodies, with four new products to lift your spirits as well as your lofty loads.

Read on for the complete low-down on these high-quality hoist accessories.



Raise your game with these new additions to the scaffold hoist accessories range:


Brick Lifting Basket

Specifically designed for building materials, this steel lifting basket is perfect for construction jobs and site work.

With solid mesh sides for transparent visibility as well as product stability, the basket also comes adorned in bright orange paint for enhanced prominence and an eye-catching appearance.

With an overhead crane lifting point built-in, this reinforced lifting basket is capable of hoisting up to 250kg – roughly the weight of three and a half beer kegs.

Whether you’re lifting bricks or beer, rest assured that this basket won’t let you down.


Liftable Wheelbarrow

The pride and joy of Italian hardware experts, Imer, the Liftable Wheelbarrow does exactly what it says on the tin, offering mobility and lifting capabilities all in one barrow.

Despite weighing less than 20kg, this heavy-duty wheelbarrow is capable of holding up to 10x its own weight, with a maximum capacity of 200kg in the polymer tray.

For freedom of movement and structural reliability, the Imer Liftable Wheelbarrow is the perfect product to lift your spirits for the long haul.



Wheelbarrow Lifting Chains

Also newly added, our Wheelbarrow Lifting Chains provide a sturdy and reliable lifting attachment to be used with liftable wheelbarrows.

This three-legged chain sling includes two rings for the handles and a pigtail hook for the front for three-point stability of the load.

Speaking of pigs, this simple attachment is capable of withstanding 250kg of weight (coincidentally the average weight of a pig).

While we don’t recommend using this product to hoist hefty hogs, these 1-metre lifting chains are the perfect accompanying product to a liftable wheelbarrow.


Hoist Tipping Bucket

Another Italian import, this time from the mighty Boscaro company, this lofty tipping bucket is as simple to operate as it is to tip, with a simplistic tipping mechanism for easy discharge.

Made from the highest quality materials, the Hoist Tipping Bucket is ideal for use with a variety of lifting hoists, including scaffold hoists, with a max capacity of 60 litres/132kg.

While it is slightly less capable than the two options above in terms of load bearing capabilities, it makes up for it in simplicity and price, making it a great economical option for basic lifting.


What are you waiting for? Lighten the load of your working day with new top-quality scaffold hoist accessories today! Call 0117 9381 600 to find out more or get in touch online using the button below.

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1983 was a pretty big year for innovations across the pond in the USA.

Over the course of 12 months, the very first Microsoft Word package made its debut, Michael Jackson monopolised the airwaves with the Thriller album and, most importantly, McDonald’s introduced the world to the almighty McNugget. God bless America!

That same year, the US revolution continued as safety gear specialists, Ergodyne, also began operating in Minnesota. The company has been relentless in their quest to provide top class work gear for the masses ever since.

This includes two brand-new, retractable tool lanyards, available now at SafetyLiftinGear.com!



Squids 3010 and 3011 from Ergodyne

Building on the existing success of the Squids 3001 version, the new 3010 and 3011 models are the latest additions to the popular Squids range.

These new models were primarily invented to reduce the amount of snag hazards and tangles that occur when tethering tools. Created for functionality, both products are third-party certified and specifically engineered to withstand the demands of the working environment, as well as the task at hand.

How so? Let’s take a closer look…

Ergodyne Squids 3010 Rectractable Tool Lanyard

When working at height, dropped objects can spell disaster for anyone unlucky enough to be in the vicinity below. Luckily, the Squids 3010 provides ample safety for any tool carrying butterfingers that finds themselves working high above ground.

Weighing in at just 0.5lb in total, this extremely lightweight lanyard is surprisingly durable, capable of carrying tools up to ten times its weights (max load of 5lbs/2.26kg). The product also features a fixed belt loop for easy mounting to both work belts and fall protection harnesses.

Made of high-strength, cut-resistant material, the cord also comes with a protective sleeve to reduce wear and tear. Meanwhile, the casing is specifically textured for grip enhancement and additional protection of the inner workings.

A manually adjusted trigger switch allows you to set the cord at a fixed, working length, with a retracting flip switch/pull release mechanism for easy length adjustment.

It even features a revolutionary impact indicator in the form of a red cord. This red indicator becomes visible when the belt is exposed to excessive force of over 110lbs, immediately indicating if a drop has occurred.


Ergodyne Squids 3011 Rectractable Tool Lanyard

Much like its 3010 counterpart, the 3011 is also an extremely durable tethering solution when working at height.

The Squids 3011 offers all the perks of its brethren, providing lightweight, industrial grade tool support, with several additional benefits applied.

Unlike the 3010, the 3011 version is capable of withstanding additional weight, with a limit of up to 8lbs (3.6kg). Despite this fact, it still weighs in at just 0.5lbs.

The additional load capabilities allow you to attach heavier tools such as drills, grinders and wrenches, for safe work at height.

Boasting a dual carabiner, the 3011 is ideal for mounting to a D-ring user’s belt or a separate anchor point. It also includes a swivelling anchor end, ideal for reducing cord tangles when using rotating tools.


Why choose the Squids 3010 or 3011?

Designed for heightened safety in every sense of the word, these products are backed with nearly four decades of industry knowledge and expertise, resulting in two new products that are the pinnacle of retractable lanyard technology.

Watch the video below for a closer look at both products:


For more information on these items or other retractable Tool Lanyard, why not drop us a line and speak with one of our helpful staff today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online using the button below.

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When it comes to high-level forklift truck access, our man baskets really are head and shoulders above the rest.

Best of all, for a limited time only, we’re offering £40.00 OFF the standard price of these man baskets, allowing you to safeguard your budget and safeguard your workers at the same time.


man baskets,access platforms


Why Choose Man Baskets from SLG?

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t some kind of namby-pamby, adult-sized human hamper we’re dealing with here.

We’re talking safe, secure and reassuringly strong access platforms, made from sturdy metal materials and built to the highest specification.

Ideal for high-level forklift truck access, man baskets from SafetyLiftinGear.com are the perfect way to take to the skies safely.


Features of IAP Man Baskets

Available in both single-person and two-man varieties, our forklift man basket options offer the perfect solution for your high-level access needs.

As our company name suggests, safety is a key feature of our lifting equipment, with a variety of hazard-reducing measures implemented into each man basket model.

All of these products come in bright orange for enhanced visibility and feature zinc-plated heel pins for secure attachment to the truck itself.

Meanwhile, they also come with a self-draining non-slip floor, providing increased traction in adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the above, each model also has its own specification, providing additional individual perks and benefits.


IAP-6 | IAP-7 | IAP-8 Forklift Access Platforms

The IAP-6, IAP-7 and IAP-8 models boast safety harness attachment rings for easy implementation of safety harnesses, while they also offer a hinged back guard for simple transportation and storage. All three are also capable of withstanding a capacity weight of 250kg.

What’s more, the IAP-6 also features a lift-up bar for additional accessibility, while the IAP-7 and 8 models offer built-in automatic locking/unlocking gates. Meanwhile, the IAP-8 also features a larger floor area for additional space and freedom of movement.

For further details on each model, click the corresponding link below.

IAP-6                                     IAP-7                                     IAP-8


IAP Folding Forklift Access Platform

Unlike the three models mentioned above, the IAP Foldable offers the distinct advantage of providing effective forklift access when transportation and storage is at a premium.

Assembled and dissembled in a matter of minutes, the entire attachment hinges into its own floor base for simple and compact foldability.

Despite these foldable capabilities, it’s still capable of withstanding weights of up to 250kg. It’s also the lightest of the entire range weighing in at just 95kg, adding to its transport-friendly make-up.

It also features an internal handrail for additional safety and stability for the worker during use.

IAP Folding Forklift


With £40.00 OFF each model for a limited time only, there’s never been a better time to secure your Fork Truck Man Basket than right now.

Sale ends Friday 12th July, so don’t delay – make the most of this special offer today!

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Ideal for use with lifting slings and tow ropes, shackles provide secure fastening and connection for a diverse range of jobs.

However, it's worth noting that not all lifting shackles are the same. In fact, there are many different types of shackles to choose from - examples include:

Galvanised Steel D Shackle

D shackles

Most commonly used on single-leg slings, D shackles (or dee shackles) - as the name suggests - are shaped like the letter D. They also resemble a loop of a chain, which explains why they are sometimes referred to as 'chain shackles'. SafetyLiftinGear stock a wide variety of High Tensile Stainless Steel D Shackles, perfect for lifting heavy loads with ease. 

Side or racking loads may bend a dee shackle, so think carefully about how you will use your shackle before making your final choice.

View All D Shackles >>

Black bow shackle

Bow shackles

Recognisable by their 'O' shape, bow shackles (aka omega shackles) are commonly used on multi-leg slings. Ideal for jobs such as rigging, bow shackles provide an easy way of fastening chains and straps securely. These shackles come with a variety of weight limits and in a range of colours, which can be particularly useful for live event rigging where black shackles (as pictured above) can minimise their visibility.

View All Bow Shackles >>


Green pin shackle

Green pin shackles

One of the most popular lifting shackle types in our range, our green pin shackles are essentially alloy bow shackles, providing durable reliability in eye-catching green for heightened visibility and easy identification.

These dependable fastenings are typically used with wire rope slings. Their weight limits range from 0.75 tonnes to 85 tonnes.

View Green Pin Shackles >>

Safety pin shackle

Safety pin shackles

Designed for maximum security, safety and reliability, these shackles use a nut and bolt, with a safety pin providing further stability and assurance.

This particular fastening option is a popular choice for many lifting firms, including some of the leading lifting rental companies in the UK.

View Safety Pin Shackles >>

Screw pin shackle

Screw pin shackles

Primarily used for temporary applications, screw pin products are great for jobs where shackles regularly need to be removed and re-attached. When using screw pin shackles, it's important to remember to check the pin prior to each lift and re-tighten if necessary.

For jobs that include notable vibration, wire mousing can help to prevent the pin from coming unscrewed; however, safety pin shackles are usually preferable for such jobs.

View Screw Pin Shackles >>

Stainless steel shackle

Stainless steel shackles

Extremely durable and long-lasting, our stainless steel shackles are the ideal connection for use in tough conditions, making them the perfect fastening mechanism for sailing and industrial rigging jobs.

Simple to use and extremely reliable, these stainless steel shackles come in 1 tonne or 2 tonne varieties, with varying dimensions to suit your requirements.

View Stainless Steel Shackles >>


Piling shackle

Piling shackles

Fully tested and certified, these long-bodied shackles provide a strong and sturdy solution, making them suitable for a variety of lifting jobs.

With a self-coloured finish, our piling shackles come in a range of durable weight categories, with weight limits ranging from 1 to 5 tonnes.

View Piling Shackles >>


In addition to all of the above, we also stock a selection of untested shackles for purely connective purposes. While these zinc-plated dee shackles cannot be used for lifting jobs and are unsuitable for carrying weight, they do make perfectly adequate connectors in situations where no force is being applied.

Do you have any questions about the different types of shackles we stock here at SafetyLiftinGear.com? Feel free to contact our customer service team!


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