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Lightweight Gantries

If you need a lifting gantry that's light, versatile, and easy to transport, SafetyLiftinGear's Easy-Rig KSB Aluminium Gantries are the perfect solution.

These fully customisable lifting gantries are available to buy or hire at extremely competitive prices. Choose 3 different sizes:

2mtr beam   3mtr beam   4mtr beam


Lightweight Gantry with Hoist

What can the Easy-Rig gantries be used for?

These lightweight gantries are ideal for various lifting applications in a range of different work environments, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Rooftops
  • Silos
  • Confined spaces
  • Clean environments

Buy or hire your lightweight lifting gantry from SafetyLiftinGear now >


Efficient and easy to use, the PALLIFT 500kg Self Lift Stacker is ideal for all sorts of lifting and loading jobs. This product previously cost £2,398.98 (inc VAT), but we have slashed the price and PALLIFT is now available for just £1,798.78 (inc VAT) - that's a saving of just over £600!

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PALLIFT - Product Features:

  • Self-lifting design
  • Multi-purpose functionality
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast and stable lifting
  • 12V/42Ah maintenance-free battery
  • Built-in charger
  • Castor wheels with brakes
  • High-performance pump unit
  • 12 month warranty

Want to take a closer look at what the PALLIFT self-lifting stacker truck can do? Take a look at this video!

Limited stock - browse our stacker tracks here!


Save up to 40% on our high-performance work gloves!

Impact Gloves for Sale

When working in hazardous environments and/or using potentially dangerous equipment, it's important to protect your hands. Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we stock a fantastic selection of high-performance work gloves that are designed to do just that - they're ideal for all sorts of different industries, from manufacturing to gas and oil.

We are currently having a sale on LifeGear impact gloves, so for a limited time, you can save a packet on your glove purchase. Choose from the following products (all prices correct at time of writing):

LifeGear High Performance Half Finger Impact Gloves - 40% Off!

Was £11.94 // Now £7.18

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LifeGear Cut Resistant Impact Safety Work Gloves - 35% Off!

Was £21.54 // Now £13.98

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LifeGear Thermal-Lined Cut Resistant Safety Impact Working Gloves - 28% Off!

Was £21.57 // Now £15.58

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This is just a small sample of what you'll find in our Work Gloves range - click the link below to browse our full range and see what other reductions we're currently offering.

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Winter is finally here. After a summer of glorious sunshine, there has been a distinct chill in the air this past couple of weeks, and it's only going to get colder as November wears on and the Christmas adverts gradually take over our TV screens.
Cold weather can make life rather miserable, especially if you happen to work outdoors, but fear not - we at SafetyLiftinGear are well-prepared for winter, and our affordable range of high-quality Cold Weather Gear means you can be too! Take a look below to see some of our fantastic products that will help you to stay warm and dry through the colder months:

Full Face Stretch Cap
£6.95 inc. VAT

Manufactured with a 100% polyester knit - this warm N-FERNO stretch cap is perfect for protecting your ears and head in cold and/or windy conditions.

LifeGear Thermal-lined Working Gloves

£17.26 inc. VAT

These LifeGear gloves are thermal-lined to provide extra warmth while worn. With a cut resistant and anti-slip palm, these provide high levels of both protection and grip.

BlackRock Thermal Vest
£8.71 inc. VAT

This snug-fitting thermal vest will really help you to stay warm when working outdoors. It's 100% polyester, and long enough to protect every part of your arms and torso - Available in various sizes.

Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
£17.94 inc. VAT

This hi-vis bomber jacket ensures optimum protection and visibility in harsh condition - With a concealed hood and a number of zipped and internal pockets.

Hi-Vis Contractor Coat
£17.94 inc. VAT

A longer option than the bomber jacket above, our contractor coat still offers superb visibility and will shield you from the elements well - Available in various sizes.
We also sell the CHILL-ITS 6485 Multi-Band from Ergodyne, as seen in this video: 

spreader vs lifting beams difference

If you need to complete a job that involves lifting or moving large and heavy objects or large fragile loads, investing in a spreader/lifting beam can make a huge difference to the efficiency of the operation. Both types of beam distribute the weight of the load to make it more stable but do so in slightly different ways. 

Spreader Beams

Spreader beams have lugs at either end which attach to the crane’s sling and two lugs on their underside that attach to the load. The way their lugs are orientated means the load taken by the spreader beam is mainly compressive, so they can carry a great deal of weight compared to their size.

At SafetyLiftinGear we stock a huge range of modular spreader beams that can support weights from 2 tonnes up to 70 tonnes and are adjustable in length, making them an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of different jobs.

Click here to shop Spreader Beams >

Lifting Beams

Lifting beams are different to spreader beams because they attach to the crane from a single central point and can have several load attachment points along their base or adjustable points as shown above.

Lifting beams are more appropriate for lifting large unstable objects and can be used where low headroom is an issue.  The beam is subjected to bending forces from the load and so may be large when lifting heavier loads.

Another way that these versatile lifting beams can be used, is in reverse. This entails using the underside attachments to connect a single heavy object to two cranes. This can be very useful if you need to lift an object that could not be moved using a single crane.

We supply lifting beams that are capable of lifting weights from 500 – 2000kg. They’re made of high-quality aluminium meaning they are lighter and stronger than other lifting beams. Another versatile choice. Larger units can be supplied to special order.

Click here to shop Lifting Beams >

If you have any questions regarding our spreader or lifting beams, don’t hesitate to contact us – a member of our customer service team will be happy to help.

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