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davit systems, davit arm systems

At its most basic, a davit is a crane-like device that’s ideal for applications where a suspended load needs to be supported.

While davit systems are commonly used for naval applications, such as raising/lowering lifeboats and anchors, they are also extremely useful in the construction industry.

Davit systems are particularly handy for underground access and supporting suspension equipment over the edge of a building.



With high-profile clientele including Tesco, Next and Harrods, chances are you’ve already come across AddGards products before, perhaps without even realising it.

Characterised by their hi-vis colour scheme and uniquely eye-catching aesthetic, AddGards safety products range from children's furniture to wet wipe dispensers.

However, AddGards are perhaps best known within the industry as a go-to brand for safety barriers in the British Isles. And with good reason – their safety products are top-notch.


addgards safety barriers


Safety Barriers from AddGards

If you’ve hit a roadblock in your quest for a decent safety barrier, check out these stellar safety products from the pros at AddGards.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards 2-panel Yellow Elevator Gard Safety Barrier

As the name suggests, the Elevator Gard from AddGards is ideal for blocking off a lift for maintenance works and retuning.

With “No Admittance” signs included as standard, each pack supplied as a set of two panels, weighing 4.5kg each and measuring over a metre high and over half a metre wide.

Made from durable polyethylene plastic, each barrier also features telescopic poles stored inside, all of which are non-conductive for added safety.

Suitable for 130cm openings as ordered, these foldable modular units can also be linked together with additional units to form larger blockades, if required.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Supergard 2-panel Yellow/Black Safety Barrier

Offering a more substantial blockade for wider areas, the Supergard provides a durable, square safety barrier with an easy-clean, high-polish finish.

Meanwhile, all panels are also fitted with rubber feet for added traction, allowing them to grip to virtually any hard surface.

Available in standard sets of two, each panel comes with two caution/no entry signs and features a striking yellow and black hazard stripe pattern across the top.

For broader barricades, additional sets can be easily linked together with the patented hinge system for simple adjoining of panels. Reflective signage is also available.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards 1mtr High 3-Panel Yellow Safety Barrier

What’s better than 2-panel safety barrier? A 3-panel safety barrier, of course! Featuring nylon and stainless-steel hinges, these versatile polyurethane barriers are ideal for outdoor use.

While each panel weighs an ample 4kg each, additional stability bases are available on request for additional security in windy conditions.

Standing a metre high and a metre wide, each panel has red and white reflective signage across the top of all panels for enhanced visibility.

Meanwhile, these too can also be linked together for comprehensive coverage of larger areas, such as roadworks.

Speaking of roadworks, this product also complies with UK Chapter 8 regulations for road works, making them ideal for road maintenance use.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Handigard 3-panel Red/White Safety Barrier

Boasting a hi-vis red/white aesthetic across the top of each panel, the Handigard safety barrier is a high-quality modular barrier system that offers conspicuous cordoned-off safety.

Featuring a smooth finish for easy cleaning and maintenance, all panels also come with ‘No Entry’ symbols as standard.

Foldable for easy storage, the Handigard also includes snap-on hinges for simple linking of panels for wider areas.

Weighing 2.5kg each, these durable polyethylene panels are also compatible with the corresponding rubber base stand for windier conditions or linear use.

The Handigard is ideal for a variety of purposes and designed to comply with BS7801:2011 standards of use.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Minder Plastic Safety Barrier

An iconic product in the AddGards range, the AddGards Minder is instantly recognisable and a memorable barrier that is a common feature in a variety of public places, from supermarkets and fast-food restaurants to schools and airports.



The family-friendly personality of this product has earned it the nickname of “The Little Yellow Man” – a fitting moniker for this warm and friendly way of ensuring public safety.

Each Minder comes with its own stand for solo use, while they also feature connective “hands” and “feet” for easy connection to other Minders, should you require a wider barrier.

Lightweight yet robust and durable, these hi-vis safety barriers stand at over a metre tall and just under 80cm wide with a weight of just 2.5kg.

Each product also comes with six messages, including: “Wet Floor”, “Out of Service and “Cleaning in Progress”.

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When it comes to iron-clad reputations in the lifting industry, few brands can match up to the esteemed stature of Pewag.

The Austrian chain experts have a long history in the lifting industry with roots that date all the way back to the 1400s.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Pewag is considered one of the leading chain product manufacturers in the world.


pewag lifting points


Pewag Lifting Points

With a catalogue of chain-related goodies that include everything from forestry tracks to remote-controlled lifting devices, the European lifting veterans are always looking to build on their reputation with more quality products and the new range of lifting points prove just that.

The Pewag brand goes by the motto “strong is not enough”. Do these lifting points live up to that statement? Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and find out…


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLBW Prolift Beta Swivel Lifting Point

Featuring a versatile 360-degree rotation and a load ring that offers a movable pivot angle of 180 degrees, this screwable lifting and lashing point provides a versatile solution to heavy-duty lifting.

The PLBW also features an interchangeable hexagonal screw that’s made from Grade 10.9 material, covered in chromate VI-free coating for corrosion-protection and 100% crack-tested for durability.

Each lifting point comes complete with its own individual serial number, while they are also clearly marked with the load capacity for clarity and safety. Available in metric thread sizes M8 to M48, with longer threads available on request.


pewag lifting points 

Pewag PLDW Prolift Delta Swivel Lifting Point

The PLDW model offers a different approach, utilising a ball-bearing for 360 rotation even under load for a 4:1 factor of safety against breakage in all directions

Featuring an extremely strong, free-moving lifting eye with the freedom to move 180 degrees, lifting flexibility is a key USP. Meanwhile, the eye is also wide enough to accommodate larger lifting hooks for additional versatility.

The screw itself is also extremely durable and both 100% crack-tested and corrosion-resistant. Meanwhile, it’s also clearly marked with the load capacity and thread size for safe operational use.

Like the LPBW model, each PLDW product is individually marked with its own serial number for traceability, available with metric threads sizes M10 to M48.

The PLDW range can also be supplied with long or custom bolt lengths, all of which are supplied with a 100% crack-detected prevailing torque-type locking nut/washer to DIN 980-V (PLMS).


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLAW Prolift Alpha Swivel Lifting Point

Following the lead of the previous two entries, the PLAW model is also a screwable lifting/lashing point that offers 360-degree rotating; however, due to the design, this model offers a lower load range of 100 degrees.

Once again marked with its own unique serial number for tracing, the PLAW also features a 10.9 grade interchangeable hex-head bolt that’s secured within the body forging.

Clearly marked with the compatible thread size and WLL, the bolt is also 100% crack-tested and coated in VI-free corrosion protection with a 4:1 safety factor against breakage in all directions within the 100-degree range.


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLGW Prolift Gamma Supreme Lifting Point

The PLGW lifting point also boasts a 360-degree rotating eyebolt with an interchangeable screw that’s crack-tested and corrosion-resistant.

Offering tool-free assembly, the PLGW can be hand-tightened using a standard Allen key and aligned in the chosen load direction.

Operationally, it is held open with a patented spring allowing for rotational capabilities when the latch is open. Meanwhile, when the latch is closed, the patented spring holds it firmly in place, preventing rotation for mounting and removal.

Each product is marked with its own serial number, load capacity and thread size, while the batch number is also displayed on all load-bearing parts for additional transparency.


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLE Prolift Weldable Lifting Point

Unlike the aforementioned models above, the PLE is a weld-on lifting point best suited for machine parts or vehicle bodies.

Featuring an integrated spring to help keep the ring in the desired rigging position, the PLE can be loaded in all directions and is highly compatible with both the Pewag Winner lifting chain and Pewag Profilift range.

Bearing the load capacity on the welding pad for unqueried clarity, this product is manufactured in full accordance to EC Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and fully-tested to EN 1677-1 standards.

Impressively capable under extreme weights, this heavy-duty lifting point is available in capacities ranging from 1.12 tonnes all the way up to 15 tonnes.


For more information on Pewag lifting points or any other lifting points available at SLG, why not drop us a line today on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online using the link below.

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At SLG, we love expanding our catalogue of products and broadening our inventory to offer you the best lifting equipment available… which is exactly why we’ve done it again and added two new items to our online collection!

Part of the Load-Master range, these durable, versatile weight gauges are perfect for providing an accurate force/weight reading, even in the tightest of spaces. Read on for the full rundown each product.


compression loadcells


Compression Loadcells from Load-Master

In a nutshell, a compression loadcell is a block that measures pushing force. Specifically designed for use where space is limited, these blocks are typically placed beneath the measurable object, providing an accurate reading of the force.

For this purpose, the guys and girls at Load-Master came up with two great solutions in the form of the following items, both now available at SafetyLiftinGear.com.


compression loadcellsv 

Load-Master CDC Compression Loadcell

Ideal for jacking, lifting and moving, the CDC disc-type load cell from Load-Master offers portable compressional load measurement in a single product.

In addition to weighing materials, the CDC Compression Loadcell also provides a great solution for testing and calibrating presses, proof testing structures and verifying industrial weighing machines.

Featuring a low-profile design, this lightweight loadcell is ideal for awkward applications that offer limited headroom, while the portable handset display offers uninhibited weighing and force measurements.

Made from high-strength stainless steel, this product is capable of withstanding exceptionally heavy loads, ranging from 500kg all the way up to 10 tonnes.

The CDC Compression Loadcell features a 3-metre cable and also comes with a handy carry case included.


compression loadcells 

Load-Master DTC Compression Loadcell

Compatible with all industrial processes, this compact and versatile compression loadcell from Load-Master offers a convenient solution for heavy-duty weighing needs.

The DTC Compression Loadcell is highly resistant to impact and dynamic force and perfect for monitoring press forces and jacking loads, as well as proof testing structural members or simply placing under heavy machinery for weighing.

Featuring a domed-surface for ample load transfer though the sensor body, the DTC Compression Loadcell provides measurable reliability in the most arduous of industrial environments.

Much like the CTC version, the DTC model also includes a portable handset, 3-metre cable and carry case for usability. However, unlike the CDC, the DTC is has a maximum load capacity of a whopping 100 tonnes, making it perfect for measuring items of extreme weight and force.


Compression Loadcells at SLG

Both of these new items are available as single purchase items or in the form of a set, currently available in packs of two or four.

Additionally, these products are also available for hire, should you wish to rent for short-term use. Simply click the “Hire Me” button on the product page to add your item of choice to your hire basket and enquire to request a quote.

Meanwhile, if you already have a load cell and are looking to get it recalibrated, we also offer calibration services for these items as well. Simply get in touch today and one of our team will take it from there.


For more information on compression load cells or any other Load-Master product available on SafetyLiftinGear.com, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by using the button below.

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Both Metcalfe Roofing & Building Services Ltd and PDR Construction Ltd have been fined following an incident that saw a worker fall three metres through a mesh roof while working at height.

The incident in question took place on 21 July 2016 at a job in Coulby Newham, resulting in painful injuries to the fallen worker, notably including multiple back fractures.


working at height


A Nasty Fall

While moving materials during a routine roof installation at a new KFC Drive Thru, the worker unwittingly stepped onto a fragile mesh roof that was not fit to withstand a substantial load.

An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive determined that the contractors, Metcalfe Roofing & Building Ltd, had failed to prevent access to the exposed area, ultimately resulting in the accident.

Further investigation by the HSE also discovered that Metcalfe Roofing had failed to plan and conduct the work in a safe and fitting manner.

Crucially, principle contractors, PDR Construction, were also found to have failed in their attempts to plan, manage and monitor the construction phase appropriately.


A Heavy Price

The accusation of negligence led PDR Construction to plead guilty to breaching Regulation 13(1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, resulting in a £225k fine with £8k costs.

Meanwhile, Metcalfe Roofing was saddled with a lesser £2k fine after pleading guilty to breaching Regulation 4(1) of the Work at Height Regulations 2015.


An Unnecessary Risk

The incident once again highlights the importance of on-site worker safety, particularly when it comes to those working at height.

At SafetyLiftinGear.com, we supply a wide variety of precautionary height safety equipment that would have been ideal for this kind of job.

Had such precautions been taken, it’s highly unlikely that such an incident would have occurred. Keep your workforce safe by providing them with appropriate safety equipment from SLG.


For more advice on working at height and the appropriate safety measures you can take to avoid needless falls, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or click the button below to get in touch online.

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Lorry fall protection solutions

A water storage tank manufacturing firm was recently fined thousands of pounds for failing to prevent a fall that left an employee with multiple fractures of the head, ribs, fingers and shoulder blade.

SHP Online recently reported that Braithwaite Engineers Ltd had been fined £9,400 - plus costs of £1,680.75 - after pleading guilty to a breach of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) noted that the fall, which occurred in October 2017, might have been prevented if the company had provided suitable and clear instructions and working at height training.

HSE Inspector Will Powell stated:

"Falls from vehicles can be overlooked by employers...[but] simple measures would have prevented this accident."

Fall Protection for Lorry Beds

Working on a lorry bed can be dangerous if there's no barrier around the edges of the platform.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we sell lorry edge protection straps to help you minimise the risk to your employees while they're working on an elevated lorry bed.

Lorry Edge Strap

Buy Edge Protection Straps >

These high-visibility straps are easy to attach, and they reduce the likelihood that a worker will fall off the edge of the lorry and injure him/herself.

Our RJ200 hangman frame lorry / container access anchor is also ideal for improving worker safety on raised lorry beds.

Hangman Frame Anchor System

Buy or Hire Now >

This frame can be used as a semi-permanent mobile anchor point for safety harnesses when working at height. It stands roughly 6.25 metres tall and allows for a working radius of 3 metres (approximately 9.84 feet).

Please call SafetyLiftinGear on 0117 9381 600 or contact us online if you'd like to discuss your height safety requirements. We're more than happy to recommend products, and we can even provide bespoke fall protection solutions for particularly demanding or unusual jobs.


If you regularly work at height, you’ll be all too aware of the importance of safety harnesses.

As your friendly, neighbourhood safety supplier, we’re well aware of this too and stock a wide variety of safety harnesses for you to choose from, with an equally wide array of brands.

One of our top brands in this category is Abtech who, over the last three decades, has built a reputation as a reliable name in the safety industry with harnesses that won’t let your down…unless you want to, of course.


abtech safety kits, safety harness kits


Abtech Safety Harness Kits

At SLG, we stock a number of Abtech safety kits for you to choose from, ranging from single and two-point safety harnesses to rescue harnesses and fall arresters.

Best of all, these products are all boast the capability to withstanding a max user weight of 150kg. That’s about the weight of a fully-grown panda!

Here are a few of the best safety harness kits on offer from Abtech on SafetyLiftinGear.com.


abtech safety kits, safety harness kits

Fall Arrest Harness Kits

Perfect for those whose work involves a risk of falling, the AB10/2.4T from Abtech provides ample fall protection in a single kit bag.

Comprising of a single-point harness with a dorsal attachment point, the kit features a webbing length of 2.4 metres on a self-retracting lifeline.

Anchored above the user’s centre of gravity, the kit provides freedom of movement within a safe area of space, while the swivel attachment above also prevents line twisting.

If a fall does occur, the safety mechanism locks and arrests the fall within 35cm, immediately activating the integral energy absorber to minimise the force on the user.


abtech safety kits, safety harness kits

Access Platform Harness Kits

An alternative to the fall arrest option, the access platform harness provides fall restraint, restricting the range of movement to prevent access to areas where a fall may occur.

Like the AB10/2.4T, this kit includes a single-point harness with rear D dorsal attachment point.

Ideal for access platform work, the adjustable restraint lanyard also includes two KH311 karabiners and adjusts from 1.25 metres in length to 1.75 metres.


abtech safety kits, safety harness kits

Combination Harness Kit

Providing the best of both worlds in a single package, the Abtech Safety COMBI is the perfect piece of kit for those who regularly need to switch between fall restraint and fall arrest.

The versatile lanyard allows the wearer to quickly by-pass the shock pack and safely go from fall arrest to fall restraint with ease.

Also featuring a single-point harness with dorsal attachment point, this product comes with three KH311 karabiners.

Meanwhile, the COMBI offers 1.75 metre length for fall restraint use, with a shock absorbing length of 1.2 to 1.95 metres for fall arresting.


abtech safety kits, safety harness kits

Working @ Height Kits

Suitable for general working scenarios where there is danger of falling the Working @ Height range of safety kits from Abtech offer reliable protection at a great price.

Like the previous examples, these products also feature the rear D dorsal attachment point for freedom of movement. However, the subsequent models also have their own unique quirks and perks.

While both the AB10 and AB20 SLKIT offer a 2-metre lanyard with shock absorber, the AB20 SLKIT also offers a soft chest loop attachment for additional functionality.

Meanwhile, the AB20LTW includes a twin lanyard, allowing the user to move more freely, while still boasting the safety of constant attachment.

For model specifics, click the relevant links below:


For more information on Abtech products or any of our safety harness kits, why not drop us a line? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online using the button below.

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