When it comes to iron-clad reputations in the lifting industry, few brands can match up to the esteemed stature of Pewag.

The Austrian chain experts have a long history in the lifting industry with roots that date all the way back to the 1400s.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Pewag is considered one of the leading chain product manufacturers in the world.


pewag lifting points


Pewag Lifting Points

With a catalogue of chain-related goodies that include everything from forestry tracks to remote-controlled lifting devices, the European lifting veterans are always looking to build on their reputation with more quality products and the new range of lifting points prove just that.

The Pewag brand goes by the motto “strong is not enough”. Do these lifting points live up to that statement? Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and find out…


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLBW Prolift Beta Swivel Lifting Point

Featuring a versatile 360-degree rotation and a load ring that offers a movable pivot angle of 180 degrees, this screwable lifting and lashing point provides a versatile solution to heavy-duty lifting.

The PLBW also features an interchangeable hexagonal screw that’s made from Grade 10.9 material, covered in chromate VI-free coating for corrosion-protection and 100% crack-tested for durability.

Each lifting point comes complete with its own individual serial number, while they are also clearly marked with the load capacity for clarity and safety. Available in metric thread sizes M8 to M48, with longer threads available on request.


pewag lifting points 

Pewag PLDW Prolift Delta Swivel Lifting Point

The PLDW model offers a different approach, utilising a ball-bearing for 360 rotation even under load for a 4:1 factor of safety against breakage in all directions

Featuring an extremely strong, free-moving lifting eye with the freedom to move 180 degrees, lifting flexibility is a key USP. Meanwhile, the eye is also wide enough to accommodate larger lifting hooks for additional versatility.

The screw itself is also extremely durable and both 100% crack-tested and corrosion-resistant. Meanwhile, it’s also clearly marked with the load capacity and thread size for safe operational use.

Like the LPBW model, each PLDW product is individually marked with its own serial number for traceability, available with metric threads sizes M10 to M48.

The PLDW range can also be supplied with long or custom bolt lengths, all of which are supplied with a 100% crack-detected prevailing torque-type locking nut/washer to DIN 980-V (PLMS).


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLAW Prolift Alpha Swivel Lifting Point

Following the lead of the previous two entries, the PLAW model is also a screwable lifting/lashing point that offers 360-degree rotating; however, due to the design, this model offers a lower load range of 100 degrees.

Once again marked with its own unique serial number for tracing, the PLAW also features a 10.9 grade interchangeable hex-head bolt that’s secured within the body forging.

Clearly marked with the compatible thread size and WLL, the bolt is also 100% crack-tested and coated in VI-free corrosion protection with a 4:1 safety factor against breakage in all directions within the 100-degree range.


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLGW Prolift Gamma Supreme Lifting Point

The PLGW lifting point also boasts a 360-degree rotating eyebolt with an interchangeable screw that’s crack-tested and corrosion-resistant.

Offering tool-free assembly, the PLGW can be hand-tightened using a standard Allen key and aligned in the chosen load direction.

Operationally, it is held open with a patented spring allowing for rotational capabilities when the latch is open. Meanwhile, when the latch is closed, the patented spring holds it firmly in place, preventing rotation for mounting and removal.

Each product is marked with its own serial number, load capacity and thread size, while the batch number is also displayed on all load-bearing parts for additional transparency.


pewag lifting points

Pewag PLE Prolift Weldable Lifting Point

Unlike the aforementioned models above, the PLE is a weld-on lifting point best suited for machine parts or vehicle bodies.

Featuring an integrated spring to help keep the ring in the desired rigging position, the PLE can be loaded in all directions and is highly compatible with both the Pewag Winner lifting chain and Pewag Profilift range.

Bearing the load capacity on the welding pad for unqueried clarity, this product is manufactured in full accordance to EC Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and fully-tested to EN 1677-1 standards.

Impressively capable under extreme weights, this heavy-duty lifting point is available in capacities ranging from 1.12 tonnes all the way up to 15 tonnes.


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