At SLG, we love expanding our catalogue of products and broadening our inventory to offer you the best lifting equipment available… which is exactly why we’ve done it again and added two new items to our online collection!

Part of the Load-Master range, these durable, versatile weight gauges are perfect for providing an accurate force/weight reading, even in the tightest of spaces. Read on for the full rundown each product.


compression loadcells


Compression Loadcells from Load-Master

In a nutshell, a compression loadcell is a block that measures pushing force. Specifically designed for use where space is limited, these blocks are typically placed beneath the measurable object, providing an accurate reading of the force.

For this purpose, the guys and girls at Load-Master came up with two great solutions in the form of the following items, both now available at


compression loadcellsv 

Load-Master CDC Compression Loadcell

Ideal for jacking, lifting and moving, the CDC disc-type load cell from Load-Master offers portable compressional load measurement in a single product.

In addition to weighing materials, the CDC Compression Loadcell also provides a great solution for testing and calibrating presses, proof testing structures and verifying industrial weighing machines.

Featuring a low-profile design, this lightweight loadcell is ideal for awkward applications that offer limited headroom, while the portable handset display offers uninhibited weighing and force measurements.

Made from high-strength stainless steel, this product is capable of withstanding exceptionally heavy loads, ranging from 500kg all the way up to 10 tonnes.

The CDC Compression Loadcell features a 3-metre cable and also comes with a handy carry case included.


compression loadcells 

Load-Master DTC Compression Loadcell

Compatible with all industrial processes, this compact and versatile compression loadcell from Load-Master offers a convenient solution for heavy-duty weighing needs.

The DTC Compression Loadcell is highly resistant to impact and dynamic force and perfect for monitoring press forces and jacking loads, as well as proof testing structural members or simply placing under heavy machinery for weighing.

Featuring a domed-surface for ample load transfer though the sensor body, the DTC Compression Loadcell provides measurable reliability in the most arduous of industrial environments.

Much like the CTC version, the DTC model also includes a portable handset, 3-metre cable and carry case for usability. However, unlike the CDC, the DTC is has a maximum load capacity of a whopping 100 tonnes, making it perfect for measuring items of extreme weight and force.


Compression Loadcells at SLG

Both of these new items are available as single purchase items or in the form of a set, currently available in packs of two or four.

Additionally, these products are also available for hire, should you wish to rent for short-term use. Simply click the “Hire Me” button on the product page to add your item of choice to your hire basket and enquire to request a quote.

Meanwhile, if you already have a load cell and are looking to get it recalibrated, we also offer calibration services for these items as well. Simply get in touch today and one of our team will take it from there.


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