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Have you ever tried to lift something heavy like a new sofa, a washing machine, or a wheelbarrow using brute strength? Unless you've got super-human strength, we're guessing it was a bit of a struggle! You'll be pleased to hear that we now offer an extensive range of shoulder harnesses and garden straps that will help you move all kinds of heavy, awkward objects without injury.

All of the Shoulder Dolly moving straps that we offer are designed to make lifting easier. They help you maintain an ergonomic, upright back so that you don't injure your shoulders, back, hands or arms. 

Made of heavy-duty materials, the Shoulder Dolly lifting straps will support you as you lift objects weighing up to 370kg! So, whether you're a keen gardener, DIY-er or someone who's about to move house, we're sure you'll find our range of Shoulder Dolly moving straps beneficial. More...


material handling trolley and dolly

When you’re trying to decide what material handling equipment is best for getting a task done, it’s important to know the right titles to discuss your different options. When it comes to material handling, some equipment names are used interchangeably, particularly when items have similar features or are used for similar purposes.

Two of the most common repeat offenders for this misnaming confusion is dolly and trolley. Possibly because they sound the same, people often use the terms trolley and dolly interchangeably, but is there a difference between the two?



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