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When it comes to working in a confined space, it’s not a job to be taken lightly. In fact, working in confined spaces poses many risks and the danger of injury or worse can be very real.

One false move or mistimed step and you could quickly find yourself in a tight spot – quite literally. As such, taking the correct safety precautions is vitally important.


confined space equipment, confined space safety


Confined Space Equipment

Luckily, here at SLG, we have a whole host of confined space equipment specifically designed to keep you safe and sound underground.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

G-Force P10R Rescue, Confined Space Safety Harness

The bread and butter of the confined space checklist, one piece of equipment that’s a veritable essential is undoubtedly the Confined Space Safety Harness.

Our P10R model is multi-functional, featuring a chest anchor point and rear dorsal attachment in the centre of the back for use as a standard fall arrester, as well as a webbing rescue point for rescue purposes involving lifting and lowering.

Critically, the positioning of the rescue point attachment ensures the user is lifted in a near-vertical position – the favoured a stance for recovering casualties that are unconscious.

Suitable for 90-120cm chest sizes and waist sizes of 85-120cm, the P10R also has extra comfort leg padding to reduce pressure on the lower extremities during rescue attempts.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

Globestock 14mtr Tripod,Winch & G.Saver II Kit

For a one-stop solution for confined space safety, the Globestock 14mtr Tripod, Winch & G.Saver II Kit is the perfect all-in-one set.

Comprising of numerous confined space must-haves, including a tripod that's designed for confined space access and down-hole applications

Despite weighing just 18kg, the versatile tripod is extremely durable with a safe working load of up to 136kg. When coupled with the GSE070-150-20G G.Winch (also included), with its 20m cable and anti-run brake, rescue jobs and personnel lifting tasks can quickly become light work.

The kit also comes with the G.Saver II Recovery Fall Arrester, featuring a retrieval winch with anti-run brake and shock absorber. This comes with a 14m cable, making it ideal for confined space lifting, lowering and rescue.


confined space equipment, confined space safety 

Abtech Safety CST2KIT Confined Space Tripod Kit

If the former doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, this next entry from safety industry veterans Abtech, surely will.

Another fantastic all-in-one solution to confined space safety, the Abtech Safety CST2KIT Confined Space Tripod Kit provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to confined space access and rescue.

Featuring one ABRES Rescue Harness, T3 Tripod and AB15RT 15mtr Fall Arrest Winch – along with the necessary T05T Bracket to safely attach the winch to the tripod – this kit covers all the bases.

Stable, portable and durable, the tripod makes for a reliable anchor point, with extra individual anchor points for a myriad of additional uses, including double-roped rescue, back-up systems and communication lines.

Meanwhile, the winch has an integral winch mechanism, allowing the top user to raise or lower the user to a safe area with ease. The winch itself features 15m x 5mm cable made of galvanised steel, features a swivel anchor eye on top and has a weight capacity of 150kg.

Finally, the ABRES rescue harness provides ample support for any number of confined space tasks, with three attachment points for versatility. This too has a weight capacity of 150kg and more than capable of providing safe working suspension.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

BW Microclip 4 Gas Multi-Gas Detector

Another common hazard of working in confined spaces is the risk of gas being present. As such, knowing the status of the area you are working in is also of the utmost importance.

The BW Microclip combines a myriad of features in one handy product for a comprehensive gas safety solution.

The unit itself is compact, lightweight and water-resistant, making it ideal for any number of tasks. Meanwhile, the simple, one-button operation makes it functionally effortless.

The LCD screen displays easily identifiable icons indicating operational info, including bump test and calibration status, while it also shows real-time gas concentration readings.

The console also features bright, wide-angle visual alarm bars for clear, conspicuous alert in the event of a hazard.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

Confined Space Rescue Kit

For a complete comprehensive solution to confined space safety, the G-Force Confined Space Rescue Kit really does tick all the boxes.

Much like the other kits, the G-Force offering includes a tripod, winch and safety harness; however, unlike the other kits, this pack has a number of helpful additions.

In addition to the trio of products mentioned above, this kit also includes a handy tripod storage bag, a QUATTRO 4 Gas Detector, and a DRAGER 15-Minute Escape Kit.

The winch even comes with a quick fit bracket for direct and efficient affixing to the tripod, while the whole thing comes with a 12-month warranty attached.

If you’re looking for confined space set that covers all the bases in one fell swoop, the G-Force Confined Space Rescue Kit is the one for you.


For more information on any of the products mentioned in this blog or for more details on confined space safety equipment in general, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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When it comes to heavy-duty lifting tasks in a warehouse or worksite environment, few pieces of lifting equipment can compare to the almighty power of the forklift.

Strong, sturdy and effortless, this tried and tested machine has solved many a lifting conundrum and been the answer to countless workday lifting prayers the world over.

However, forklifts are far more than just a glorified lift/lower trolley for palletised goods. In fact, with the right attachment, forklifts can be very versatile tools to have in your on-site arsenal.


 fork extensions, forklift attachments

Forklift Attachments from SLG

From fork extensions to lifting hooks, the wide array of forklift attachments varies greatly, providing you with a myriad of options for an equally wide range of tasks. Here are a few of our most popular forklift attachments to help you get started.


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Truck Swivel Hook

Available in a variety of load capacities (ranging from 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes), the fork truck swivel hook provides a quick, easy and economical solution to lifting and positioning awkward, unpalletised goods.

This add-on also offers positional freedom, allowing attachment at any point along the fork blade before the taper. With swivel hook and bow shackle included, this product also features zinc-plated twist screws for safe attachment.

Currently available at SLG in the following load capacities:



fork extensions, forklift attachments

Low Profile Fork Mounted Jib

When headroom is limited and height is at a premium, the Low-Profile Fork Mounted Jib is the perfect solution.

Provided an unrivalled lifting solution for heavy loads in awkward and inaccessible locations, this product offers multi-positional freedom of movement, with five hook positioning options between 50cm and 175cm.

Better still, each jib comes complete with a single swivel hook and bow shackles, while it also features four-way pocket entry for easy storage.

From a safety aspect, this product also features zinc-plated heel pins for safe forklift attachment, while it’s bright orange colour also makes it unavoidably conspicuous.

This product is currently available in the following load capacities:


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Mounted Extended Jib

Similar to its low-profile cousin, the Fork Mounted Extended Jib also provides an effective solution for lifting long, awkward loads in hard to reach, inaccessible places; however, it also boasts additional features that make it wholly unique.

The extended jib includes nine different lifting positions between 1m and 3m range. Meanwhile, it also comes complete with two swivel hooks and bow shackles for additional load stability and has zinc-plated heel pins to ensure safe attachment.

Available in the following load capacities:


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Mounted Adjustable Height Extended Jib

For tall and awkward loads, the Adjustable Height Extended Jib is the perfect tool for the task. With adjustable angled lifting at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, the angle can be easily adjusted to suit your specific load and environmental requirements.

The jib also includes multiple hook positions for additional versatility, with several load centres between 95cm and 385cm. Also zinc-plated and painted bright orange, safety is a key area that hasn’t gone unchecked either.

This product comes with two swivel hooks and is available in the following weight capacities:


For more information on the wide array of forklift attachments available at SLG, why not drop us a line and speak to an adviser today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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AluTruk has built a solid reputation as one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of aluminium sack trucks – and with good reason.

Part of the iconic BIL Group Ltd (also famed for their popular Skoots range), AluTruk products benefit from nearly 50 years of company experience.

The result is a range of top-notch sack trucks that are virtually unmatched in terms of quality and performance.

Don’t take our word for it. Read on and see for yourself!


alutruk material handling, sack trucks


AluTruk Sack Trucks

Here at SafetyLiftinGear.com, we now stock a variety of AluTruk material handling products for you to choose from. To help you get well-acquainted with this handy brand, here are a few choice products to whet your appetite.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk 200kg Aluminium Folding Platform Trolley

Lightweight yet durable, this foldable platform trolley provides uncomplicated operational function, featuring a simple push/pull handle for manoeuvrability.

For compatible ease of transport and handy space-saving storage, the handle simply folds down flat onto the aluminium deck into 90cm x 62cm dimensions.

Complete with a 12-month warranty, this simple material handling product is perfect for office and retail environments, as well as traditional warehouse use.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk 1000kg Load Rated Platform Truck

A heavy-duty alternative to the previous listing, this load rated platform truck is built to take some serious weight.

Capable of withstanding a literal tonne of weight, this trolley is surprisingly lightweight (just 27kg) and relatively easy to manoeuvre in comparison to similar steel-based products on the market.

Benefitting from its aluminium properties, this agile trolley also boasts an impact-resistant deck base made of durable nylon, while the hard-wearing handle and heavy-duty polyurethane castors are also ideal for basic heavy lifting tasks.

This product has also been specifically made with practicality in mind, featuring deck dimensions of 95cm x 65cm, perfect for fitting through any standard doorway.


Piano dolly

AluTruk PT1 Aluminium 550kg Piano Dolly

When it comes to safe and stable lifting and shifting of heavy household goods, few products offer the comprehensive protection and practicality of the PT1.

The PT1 Piano Dolly from AluTruk comes fitted with fixed rubber wheels and features rubber buffers on each corner for additional protection, reducing impact and friction on the lifted item.

This product even comes complete with solid rubber ribbed tops to further reduce the likelihood of spills and topples.

Whether you’re shifting a sofa, lifting a La-Z-Boy or pulling a piano, the PT1 Piano Dolly is more than up to the task.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk Aluminium 3-wheel Stair Climber Sack Truck

For material handling tasks that require another level of lifting, look no further than the 3-Wheel Stair Climber from AluTruk.

Ideal for helping you haul heavy loads up awkward stairs, the aptly-named Stair Climber will take you to the next step without any issues or hassle. Meanwhile, the large 40.5cm x 30.5cm toe plate is ideal for handling most loads.

Featuring an innovative three-wheeled rotating system for easy navigation up stairs, this product is also fitted with heavy-duty 15mm extruded-aluminium axle brackets for added durability and stability.

Capable of handling up to 300kg for regular use on flat ground and an impressive 180kg for stair climbing. The Stair Climber also comes with wheel guards for additional stability and rain protection during outdoor use.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk 3-way Convertible Aluminium Sack Truck

For multi-purpose flexibility, the 3-Way Convertible Aluminium model from AluTruk is hard to beat.

Offering quick and easy conversion from flat-bed positioning to four-wheel mobility to pull-levered platform truck, this product is extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of practical environments, including shops, warehouses and delivery use.

At just 18kg, the load capacity is equally impressive, capable of lifting up to 500kg in four-wheel mode and 300kg in its upright position. Meanwhile, its puncture-proof tyres and high-quality castors provide further reassurance and stability, even under pressure.

With its multi-positional function and heavy-duty capabilities, this product is hard to beat in terms of versatility, manoeuvrability and operational ease.


For more information on AluTruk manual handling products or any sack trucks available at SLG, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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If you work in a manual handling environment where transporting goods and materials is part and parcel of the job, chances are you may already be familiar with Skoots.

If not, here’s an overdue introduction!

The brainchild of BIL Material Handling, Skoots are hydraulic lifting trolleys designed to make heavy lifting and shifting a breeze.

BIL Material Handling pride themselves on producing products that represent quality, innovation, service and flexibility. The Skoots range provides just that with mobility and ease of operation top of the agenda.

To ensure you don’t miss a trick, we’ve now added three Skoot products to our ever-growing catalogue of lifting equipment. Let’s take a close look…


skoots, skoots moving systems


Skoots Moving System

For safe, efficient and simple transportation of goods and materials, Skoots moving systems are hard to beat.

Boasting a simple functionality, Skoots products are effortless to operate safely and require minimal training. Simply pump the hydraulic handle to raise the load, move into the desired position and lower using the valve wheel. Job done!

For added safety, Skoots include a strap functionality to prevent any load movement in transit, while each jack is also fitted with a pressure relief valve for additional overload protection.

Perhaps the most noticeable perk of the Skoots moving system is its smooth mobility. Featuring four, smooth-running swivel castors for precise manoeuvring, equipped with ball bearing journals for precision movement and controlled steering.

Skoots also feature four-way directional locks for negotiating tight spaces and moving along a gentle incline, while the toe plates only add a few millimetres to the overall height, making most doorways and ceilings a non-issue.

Best of all, all of these items are available to hire as well as purchase, should you only require them for one-off/short-term use. Meanwhile, the compact, lightweight and portable nature of the product makes it simple to transport both on-site and in transit.

The Skoots moving system is currently available in the following lifting capacities:

SKOOTS SK900 Moving System 900kg

SKOOTS SK2000 Moving System 2000kg

SKOOTS SK5000 Moving System 5000kg


For more information on the Skoots products available at SaftyLiftinGear.com, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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portable winches

If you’re in need of helping hand when you’re on the move, electrical hook-up can be a luxury that isn’t always readily available. As such, relying on any kind of external power source is not a wise move.

What is a wise move, however, is to come prepared with a fallback plan, should you quite literally need a lift when you’re unplugged and on the go.

In those situations, a portable winch can be a handy piece of kit to have stowed away in your bag of tricks.



Boasting the perfect combination of reliability and affordability, G-FORCE height safety products really are a force to be reckoned with.

With decades of experience to back them up, Safety LiftinGear has been bringing the G-FORCE height safety product brand to many key sectors with a variety of high-quality height safety products.

Check out the latest addition to the G-FORCE product range now available at SafetyLiftinGear.com…


g force


New Fall Arrest Blocks from G-FORCE

Replacing the now discontinued CR200 range of fall arrest devices, the all-new G-FORCE CR250 fall arrest blocks build on the high-standards set by the previous iteration, with enhanced features for a superior product.

Think of it as Robert Patrick’s T-1000 superseding Arnie’s T-800 in Terminator 2: the old model is still a formidable piece of kit but the new grade offers all that and more…albeit with less one-liners.

With that in mind, say “hasta la vista” to the CR200 and come with us as we take a look at these brand-new upgrades in the G-FORCE range.


g force, fall arrest blocks

CR250V Fall Arrest Block for Vertical Use

Available in 6 metre, 12 metre or 15 metre versions, the G-FORCE CR250V is a self-retractable fall arrest block designed for vertical use only.

Lightweight yet extremely durable, the CR250V is capable of handling a user weight of up to 140kg (just over 22 stone) whilst still reducing the impact force of a fallen worker to less than 6kN.

The CR250V has a maximum working angle of up to 40 degrees from vertical and is also supplied with a steel screw gate karabiner.

The CR250V has a 4mm galvanised wire rope, internal energy-dissipating brake and top anchor point with built-in swivel, this product provides versatile protection and unwavering reliability.

The durable composite casing also features a transportation handle for easy transport and to aid installation.


g force, fall arrest blocks

CR250HV 11mtr Fall Arrest Block for Horizontal or Vertical Use

Much like the CR250V, this product is suitable for vertical use up to a maximum of 40 degrees; however, it’s also fitted with an energy absorber which allows for horizontal use.

The lightweight portable design features a self-retracting cable. The rope diameter has been increased from 4mm to 5mm to provide greater abrasion resistance during a fall over an edge. Encased in a bright green protective cover for high visibility, even when used in the horizontal position.

Unlike the CR250V, the CR250HV is only available with an 11-metre rope. However, in certain circumstances this product can also be used in conjunction with the AZ410-05 5mtr Wire Connecting Lanyard, to achieve a maximum working radius of 16mtrs from the anchorage point. .

The CR250HV also features the same internal energy-dissipating brake mechanism, although a second energy absorbing element has now been added to specifically allow horizontal fall arrest use. A screw gate karabiner and swivel top anchor point remain a common feature to the CR250V; however, the maximum load is less, topping out at 120kg (just under 19 stone).


For more information on these new G-FORCE fall arrest blocks or any of our other working at height equipment, why not drop us a line to day to find out more? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by using the button below.

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Truck winches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the humble car hauler winch to boat pulling winches and everything in between.

Whether you’re hauling cars for a living or simply taking precautions in the event that you find yourself in a sticky situation, a truck winch can be a vital piece of kit and the answer to your prayers.

However, not all truck winches are created equally and some are better and more fit for purpose than others.

To help you reel in the right truck winch for you, we’ve hauled together a truck-load of automotive winch info to get you started.


truck winch, car hauler winch, automotive winch


How Do Truck Winches Work?

A typical heavy-duty truck winch is made up of a motor, cable/rope, the gear train and the drum. Manual winches will naturally be without a motor and instead feature a manual crank.

The cylindrical shape of the winch body allows the cable to wrap around the drum, equipped with a spool for simple winding/unwinding when needed, as well as preventing entanglement.

The gear train transfers the motor power into pulling power, providing the winch with the strength needed to haul the required load.


Things to Consider When Buying a Truck Winch

When shopping for a winch, there are a number of things you might want to consider prior to parting with your cash. In terms of performance and usability, be sure to mull over the following points during your search.


Cable Quality

First things first, it’s well worth remembering that a rope winch is only as strong as its cable. Even if the winch itself is capable of hauling some serious weight, a poor rope quality can render that feature completely useless.

Think of it as having a Ferrari with a moped engine under the bonnet. While it might look the part and seem impressive on the surface, when push comes to shove, if the performance is lacking, its presence is virtually pointless as it serves little practical purpose.

Winch cables typically come in two varieties: steel and synthetic. The latter is usually the preferred option for most due to its superior flexibility, while it also boasts better safety in the event of a rope break.



Winches are, more often than not, fitted with intention of use in extreme conditions; e.g. rescue use in muddy terrain. As such, it’s important that the winch is capable of withstanding the demands of the task at hand.

Poor adaptability to harsh weather and wet conditions can be a huge issue and even cause the winch to fail during use. While this can obviously prevent you from completing the desired job, a weather-related fault can also pose a myriad of hazards to the user as well.

Ensure your winch features a sealed motor that is amply protected against elemental demands. From a longevity standpoint, moisture can also corrode the inner components, so it’s worth investing a little more for the sake of the product’s lifespan, if nothing else.


Pull Capacity

Pulling capacity is perhaps one of, if not the most important thing to consider when buying a winch, as it can determine if your winch is actually fit for purpose.

If you’re looking for 4x4 winches and trailer hauling is the aim of the game, a winch with a low MLL is not going to cut the mustard, particularly if your trailer is going to be full of heavy goods.

Similarly, boat pulling winches will also likely need to have a high capacity to complete the task at hand. While boat weights naturally vary depending on size, a typical boat pulling winch needs around 2000lbs pulling power at least to be on the safe side.

For rescue and recovery attempts, it’s particularly worth investing in a car hauler winch that’s capable of heavy weight capacity. The average midsize car is said to weigh around 1.5 tonnes, so any rescue attempt with a winch of less than that could result in disaster.

Unsurprisingly, one of the main causes of line breakage is when people attempt to haul weights heavier than the capacity. This can be extremely dangerous, so be sure you purchase a winch that’s capable of the weight you plan to pull.


Find Winches for Trucks at SLG

At SLG, we have a variety of truck winches on offer, ranging from the humble everyday automotive winch to boat pulling winches and the car hauler winch for the pros.

If you’re amid your own winch hunt, why not check out our variety of winches for trucks today? With electric winches capable of lifting everything from 400kg all the way up to 5000lbs, you’re sure to find the right winch for you, your budget and the task.



For more information on truck winches, call 0117 9381 600 now and speak with one of our customer service team today. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an enquiry online by using the button below.

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