If you work in a manual handling environment where transporting goods and materials is part and parcel of the job, chances are you may already be familiar with Skoots.

If not, here’s an overdue introduction!

The brainchild of BIL Material Handling, Skoots are hydraulic lifting trolleys designed to make heavy lifting and shifting a breeze.

BIL Material Handling pride themselves on producing products that represent quality, innovation, service and flexibility. The Skoots range provides just that with mobility and ease of operation top of the agenda.

To ensure you don’t miss a trick, we’ve now added three Skoot products to our ever-growing catalogue of lifting equipment. Let’s take a close look…


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Skoots Moving System

For safe, efficient and simple transportation of goods and materials, Skoots moving systems are hard to beat.

Boasting a simple functionality, Skoots products are effortless to operate safely and require minimal training. Simply pump the hydraulic handle to raise the load, move into the desired position and lower using the valve wheel. Job done!

For added safety, Skoots include a strap functionality to prevent any load movement in transit, while each jack is also fitted with a pressure relief valve for additional overload protection.

Perhaps the most noticeable perk of the Skoots moving system is its smooth mobility. Featuring four, smooth-running swivel castors for precise manoeuvring, equipped with ball bearing journals for precision movement and controlled steering.

Skoots also feature four-way directional locks for negotiating tight spaces and moving along a gentle incline, while the toe plates only add a few millimetres to the overall height, making most doorways and ceilings a non-issue.

Best of all, all of these items are available to hire as well as purchase, should you only require them for one-off/short-term use. Meanwhile, the compact, lightweight and portable nature of the product makes it simple to transport both on-site and in transit.

The Skoots moving system is currently available in the following lifting capacities:

SKOOTS SK900 Moving System 900kg

SKOOTS SK2000 Moving System 2000kg

SKOOTS SK5000 Moving System 5000kg


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