AluTruk has built a solid reputation as one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of aluminium sack trucks – and with good reason.

Part of the iconic BIL Group Ltd (also famed for their popular Skoots range), AluTruk products benefit from nearly 50 years of company experience.

The result is a range of top-notch sack trucks that are virtually unmatched in terms of quality and performance.

Don’t take our word for it. Read on and see for yourself!


alutruk material handling, sack trucks


AluTruk Sack Trucks

At, we now stock a variety of AluTruk material handling products for you to choose from. To help you get well-acquainted with this handy brand, here are a few choice products to whet your appetite.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk 200kg Aluminium Folding Platform Trolley

Lightweight yet durable, this foldable platform trolley provides uncomplicated operational function, featuring a simple push/pull handle for manoeuvrability.

For compatible ease of transport and handy space-saving storage, the handle simply folds down flat onto the aluminium deck into 90cm x 62cm dimensions.

Complete with a 12-month warranty, this simple material handling product is perfect for office and retail environments, as well as traditional warehouse use.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks 

AluTruk 1000kg Load Rated Platform Truck

A heavy-duty alternative to the previous listing, this load rated platform truck is built to take some serious weight.

Capable of withstanding a literal tonne of weight, this trolley is surprisingly lightweight (just 27kg) and relatively easy to manoeuvre in comparison to similar steel-based products on the market.

Benefitting from its aluminium properties, this agile trolley also boasts an impact-resistant deck base made of durable nylon, while the hard-wearing handle and heavy-duty polyurethane castors are also ideal for basic heavy lifting tasks.

This product has also been specifically made with practicality in mind, featuring deck dimensions of 95cm x 65cm, perfect for fitting through any standard doorway.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks 

AluTruk PT3 Aluminium 800kg Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

When it comes to safe and stable lifting and shifting of heavy household goods, few products offer the comprehensive protection and practicality of the PT3.

The PT3 Piano Dolly from AluTruk comes fitted with pneumatic tyres, making it the ideal load-bearing trolley for rough terrain.

Meanwhile, it also features rubber buffers on each corner for additional protection, reducing impact and friction on the lifted item.

This product even comes complete with solid rubber ribbed tops to further reduce the likelihood of spills and topples.

Whether you’re shifting a sofa, lifting a La-Z-Boy or pulling a piano, the PT3 Piano Dolly is more than up for the task.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk Aluminium 3-wheel Stair Climber Sack Truck

For material handling tasks that require another level of lifting, look no further than the 3-Wheel Stair Climber from AluTruk.

Ideal for helping you haul heavy loads up awkward stairs, the aptly-named Stair Climber will take you to the next step without any issues or hassle. Meanwhile, the large 40.5cm x 30.5cm toe plate is ideal for handling most loads.

Featuring an innovative three-wheeled rotating system for easy navigation up stairs, this product is also fitted with heavy-duty 15mm extruded-aluminium axle brackets for added durability and stability.

Capable of handling up to 300kg for regular use on flat ground and an impressive 180kg for stair climbing. The Stair Climber also comes with wheel guards for additional stability and rain protection during outdoor use.


alutruk material handling, sack trucks

AluTruk 3-way Convertible Aluminium Sack Truck

For multi-purpose flexibility, the 3-Way Convertible Aluminium model from AluTruk is hard to beat.

Offering quick and easy conversion from flat-bed positioning to four-wheel mobility to pull-levered platform truck, this product is extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of practical environments, including shops, warehouses and delivery use.

At just 18kg, the load capacity is equally impressive, capable of lifting up to 500kg in four-wheel mode and 300kg in its upright position. Meanwhile, its puncture-proof tyres and high-quality castors provide further reassurance and stability, even under pressure.

With its multi-positional function and heavy-duty capabilities, this product is hard to beat in terms of versatility, manoeuvrability and operational ease.


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