When it comes to heavy-duty lifting tasks in a warehouse or worksite environment, few pieces of lifting equipment can compare to the almighty power of the forklift.

Strong, sturdy and effortless, this tried and tested machine has solved many a lifting conundrum and been the answer to countless workday lifting prayers the world over.

However, forklifts are far more than just a glorified lift/lower trolley for palletised goods. In fact, with the right attachment, forklifts can be very versatile tools to have in your on-site arsenal.


 fork extensions, forklift attachments

Forklift Attachments from SLG

From fork extensions to lifting hooks, the wide array of forklift attachments varies greatly, providing you with a myriad of options for an equally wide range of tasks. Here are a few of our most popular forklift attachments to help you get started.


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Truck Swivel Hook

Available in a variety of load capacities (ranging from 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes), the fork truck swivel hook provides a quick, easy and economical solution to lifting and positioning awkward, unpalletised goods.

This add-on also offers positional freedom, allowing attachment at any point along the fork blade before the taper. With swivel hook and bow shackle included, this product also features zinc-plated twist screws for safe attachment.

Currently available at SLG in the following load capacities:



fork extensions, forklift attachments

Low Profile Fork Mounted Jib

When headroom is limited and height is at a premium, the Low-Profile Fork Mounted Jib is the perfect solution.

Provided an unrivalled lifting solution for heavy loads in awkward and inaccessible locations, this product offers multi-positional freedom of movement, with five hook positioning options between 50cm and 175cm.

Better still, each jib comes complete with a single swivel hook and bow shackles, while it also features four-way pocket entry for easy storage.

From a safety aspect, this product also features zinc-plated heel pins for safe forklift attachment, while it’s bright orange colour also makes it unavoidably conspicuous.

This product is currently available in the following load capacities:


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Mounted Extended Jib

Similar to its low-profile cousin, the Fork Mounted Extended Jib also provides an effective solution for lifting long, awkward loads in hard to reach, inaccessible places; however, it also boasts additional features that make it wholly unique.

The extended jib includes nine different lifting positions between 1m and 3m range. Meanwhile, it also comes complete with two swivel hooks and bow shackles for additional load stability and has zinc-plated heel pins to ensure safe attachment.

Available in the following load capacities:


fork extensions, forklift attachments

Fork Mounted Adjustable Height Extended Jib

For tall and awkward loads, the Adjustable Height Extended Jib is the perfect tool for the task. With adjustable angled lifting at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, the angle can be easily adjusted to suit your specific load and environmental requirements.

The jib also includes multiple hook positions for additional versatility, with several load centres between 95cm and 385cm. Also zinc-plated and painted bright orange, safety is a key area that hasn’t gone unchecked either.

This product comes with two swivel hooks and is available in the following weight capacities:


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