When it comes to working in a confined space, it’s not a job to be taken lightly. In fact, working in confined spaces poses many risks and the danger of injury or worse can be very real.

One false move or mistimed step and you could quickly find yourself in a tight spot – quite literally. As such, taking the correct safety precautions is vitally important.


confined space equipment, confined space safety


Confined Space Equipment

Luckily, here at SLG, we have a whole host of confined space equipment specifically designed to keep you safe and sound underground.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

G-Force P10R Rescue, Confined Space Safety Harness

The bread and butter of the confined space checklist, one piece of equipment that’s a veritable essential is undoubtedly the Confined Space Safety Harness.

Our P10R model is multi-functional, featuring a chest anchor point and rear dorsal attachment in the centre of the back for use as a standard fall arrester, as well as a webbing rescue point for rescue purposes involving lifting and lowering.

Critically, the positioning of the rescue point attachment ensures the user is lifted in a near-vertical position – the favoured a stance for recovering casualties that are unconscious.

Suitable for 90-120cm chest sizes and waist sizes of 85-120cm, the P10R also has extra comfort leg padding to reduce pressure on the lower extremities during rescue attempts.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

Globestock 14mtr Tripod,Winch & G.Saver II Kit GSEWTPK-14G

For a one-stop solution for confined space safety, the Globestock 14mtr Tripod, Winch & G.Saver II Kit is the perfect all-in-one set.

Comprising of numerous confined space must-haves, including the GSE210 G.Tripod Confined Space Access Tripod, designed for confined space access and down-hole applications

Despite weighing just 18kg, the versatile tripod is extremely durable with a safe working load of up to 136kg. When coupled with the GSE070-150-20G G.Winch (also included), with its 20m cable and anti-run brake, rescue jobs and personnel lifting tasks can quickly become light work.

The kit also comes with the G.Saver II Recovery Fall Arrester, featuring a retrieval winch with anti-run brake and shock absorber. This comes with a 14m cable, making it ideal for confined space lifting, lowering and rescue.


confined space equipment, confined space safety 

Abtech Safety CST2KIT Confined Space Tripod Kit

If the former doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, this next entry from safety industry veterans Abtech, surely will.

Another fantastic all-in-one solution to confined space safety, the Abtech Safety CST2KIT Confined Space Tripod Kit provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to confined space access and rescue.

Featuring one ABRES Rescue Harness, T3 Tripod and AB15RT 15mtr Fall Arrest Winch – along with the necessary T05T Bracket to safely attach the winch to the tripod – this kit covers all the bases.

Stable, portable and durable, the tripod makes for a reliable anchor point, with extra individual anchor points for a myriad of additional uses, including double-roped rescue, back-up systems and communication lines.

Meanwhile, the winch has an integral winch mechanism, allowing the top user to raise or lower the user to a safe area with ease. The winch itself features 15m x 5mm cable made of galvanised steel, features a swivel anchor eye on top and has a weight capacity of 150kg.

Finally, the ABRES rescue harness provides ample support for any number of confined space tasks, with three attachment points for versatility. This too has a weight capacity of 150kg and more than capable of providing safe working suspension.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

BW Microclip 4 Gas Multi-Gas Detector

Another common hazard of working in confined spaces is the risk of gas being present. As such, knowing the status of the area you are working in is also of the utmost importance.

The BW Microclip combines a myriad of features in one handy product for a comprehensive gas safety solution.

The unit itself is compact, lightweight and water-resistant, making it ideal for any number of tasks. Meanwhile, the simple, one-button operation makes it functionally effortless.

The LCD screen displays easily identifiable icons indicating operational info, including bump test and calibration status, while it also shows real-time gas concentration readings.

The console also features bright, wide-angle visual alarm bars for clear, conspicuous alert in the event of a hazard.


confined space equipment, confined space safety

Confined Space Rescue Kit

For a complete comprehensive solution to confined space safety, the G-Force Confined Space Rescue Kit really does tick all the boxes.

Much like the other kits, the G-Force offering includes a tripod, winch and safety harness; however, unlike the other kits, this pack has a number of helpful additions.

In addition to the trio of products mentioned above, this kit also includes a handy tripod storage bag, a QUATTRO 4 Gas Detector, and a DRAGER 15-Minute Escape Kit.

The winch even comes with a quick fit bracket for direct and efficient affixing to the tripod, while the whole thing comes with a 12-month warranty attached.

If you’re looking for confined space set that covers all the bases in one fell swoop, the G-Force Confined Space Rescue Kit is the one for you.


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