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Polyester webbing slings

We sell a variety of lifting slings here at SafetyLiftinGear, but our polyester webbing slings are certainly the most popular. Webbing slings are lightweight and versatile, but no less strong for it; they can bear extremely large loads and help you to lift these loads in a safe, secure manner.

Now, as with most of the items in SLG's Lifting Equipment section, each of our polyester webbing slings has a different weight limit. This is obviously a very important factor - if the sling you purchase is insufficient for the loads you are lifting, your safety and that of people around you cannot be guaranteed. Maximum weight is clearly identified in the name of each sling (e.g. 5 Tonne Webbing Sling), so be sure to check this before purchasing.

Hooks for lifting slings

Did you know that we also sell hooks for our lifting slings? We do, and as with the slings themselves, each hook has a different weight capacity. For your convenience, the hooks and the slings are colour-coded, so it's easy to buy a hook and a sling with the same weight limit; for example, our 3 Tonne Sling is coloured yellow, as is the 3 Tonne Sling Hook.

Once again, the consequences of using the wrong hook can be disastrous, so please ensure that you are buying a hook that matches your webbing sling. It's the safest way to go!


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