cold weather gear

Now the colder months have most certainly made an appearance, it's time to think about your cold weather gear. Do you have the right gear to keep you warm as you work? 

Working in the cold and wet without appropriate cold weather gear could potentially be dangerous. Trying to work when you cannot feel your face could lead to dropped tools or losing balance while working at a height. In both circumstances, this could be avoided by keeping on top of your body temperature while you work.

Our aim is to keep all workers safe here at SafetyLiftinGear, so we have a wide range of cold weather gear for you to browse. You may be thinking 'but I have my cold weather gear from last year, why would I need more?'. Cold weather gear is built for harsh weather, but this does not mean it won't be damaged by it. We advise you to check your gear, then come back and read about how warm you could be in our range. 

Keep Warm with Cold Weather Gear 


Cold Weather Gear Hat Liners


N-Ferno Premium 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner

N-Ferno 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner

Hard hats aren't necessarily the warmest things, are they? If you're looking to keep snug underneath that plastic exterior, our N-FERNO thermal hard hat liners are the cold weather gear for you. With 2 cotton & fleece layers, these hard hat liners will ensure you don't lose any heat from your head.

Not only will they keep your head and ears warm, they will also add another layer of protection when it comes to working in harsh environments. Our Premium Hard Hat Liner also comes with Tyvek lined warming pack pockets - for added warming power! 

Cold Weather Gear Stretch Cap


N-FERNO 6815 Stretch Cap - Full Face

If you also find your nose is as cold as an icicle while working through the winter months, our Stretch Cap for your whole face may be the cold weather gear for you. Covering most of your face, with the exception of your eyes, this full face mask protects from the wind and cold conditions. Made with 100% polyester, you'll also find that this cold weather gear is breathable and durable. 

Paired with our Thermal Hard Hat Liners, you will be the warmest worker around this winter. 

Cold Weather Gear Vest and Jacket


"BlackRock" Thermal Vest

Hi-Viz Yellow Bomber Jacket

Your torso makes up nearly half of your body, so it is vital that you keep it warm during cold weather. If you do not wear cold weather gear, you may be more susceptible to bladder and chest infections. This could put you out of work - so, eliminate the risk by wearing out thermal cold weather gear! 

We provide both thermal vests and bomber jackets in sizes M, L or XL. If you pair our thermal vest with the hi-viz yellow bomber jacket, you will be both warm and visible while you work. Outside work also means darkness during the winter months, so a warm hi-viz jacket is important for your safety. 

 Cold Weather Gear Hand Warmer


N-FERNO Hand Warming Packs

Finally, we all know how hard the cold weather can be on our hands. We think every worker should have a Hand Warming Pack in their cold weather gear emergency kit. Hand cramps and chill-blains can occur when your hands are repeatedly placed in cold weather environments. Make sure the cold has no long-term effects on your hands by using one of these little warmers after a task! 

You can browse our latest Cold Weather Gear and PPE Workwear here to find your ultimate warm clothing kit. If you have any questions you can get in touch here or give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.  

Elderid Fall Protection & Rope Access

If you're working at height the last thing you want is to doubt the quality of your fall protection gear, no one wants an accident where one can be easily avoided! That's exactly why we stock Edelrid fall protection and rope access equipment - high-quality equipment you can rely on time after time.

We've recently expanded the range of Edelrid products we supply and are more than confident that you'll be able to find the equipment you need. To see our full range of Edelrid fall protection and rope access equipment, please click here. To get a closer look at some of the fantastic Edelrid products we supply, keep reading!


Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock Rope Access Harness

Elderid harness

The innovative design of this sturdy harness allows it to be comfortable, safe and easy to manoeuvre. Make sure to check the size and weight requirements to be sure it will fit your project correctly.

Safety Harnesses >


Edelrid Performance Static 11mm Low Stretch Rope

Elderid rope

This rope has excellent handling due to the combination of abrasion resistance and low elongation. The multiple-wound core allows for the highest breaking strength available.

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Edelrid Ultra lite ll Helmet

Elderid helmet

A sturdy helmet that is combined with a mesh visor and ear protectors make this the perfect all-in-one helmet for Arborist work. Robust and comfortable, it a necessary product to keep you safe on the job.

Climbing Helmets >


If you have any questions about Edelrid fall protection and rope access equipment, or any of the other products we supply, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is happy to help find you the right equipment to fit your needs. Contact us today.

hydraulic press is used in a variety of different operations across many different working environments. From manufacturing to compacting, hydraulic presses have many uses. Today we will be looking at just a few environments and jobs where a hydraulic press can be used. 

Car Manufacturing

Manufacturing Products

One hydraulic press use is to create items such as car parts. From windshield wiper blades to clutches, a hydraulic press can be used to make even the most complex car part. Hydraulic presses are used to shape and assemble many products. This includes a variety of different electrical equipment, not just car parts. Even your thermostat could be made by a hydraulic press!

Powder Manufacturing

Compacting Products

From compressed foods to powdered makeup, hydraulic presses are used to compact many of your daily items. Even in the medical sector, medicine and tablets are often compressed using a specialised hydraulic press.

Junk Yard Press

Crushing Used Cars

You know that big machine that crushes the cars? That's usually a hydraulic press. You will find a large scale hydraulic press in most junkyards because compressing the metal provides more space. The main function of hydraulic presses is to compress metallic products into thin sheets of metal, which is why this equipment works so well in a workplace which deals with mass amounts of metal. 


Blacksmith Work

Perhaps not surprisingly, hydraulic presses are even used in blacksmith environments. A hydraulic press can provide the slow and measured hit that is sometimes needed in this line work. For example, metal tubes can be compressed to make different items. Hydraulic presses can be used for a variety of surprising tasks. 

If you think a hydraulic press would be ideal for your working environment, we have plenty in stock here at SafetyLiftinGear. Just click here to see our full range of hydraulic presses. Alternatively, if you'd like to get in touch, just give us a call on 0808 123 69 69. 

hydraulic cylinder information

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we supply a fantastic range of hydraulic cylinders ready to buy or hire. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what a 'hydraulic cylinder' is. As well as supplying useful products, we also want to help you understand them. In this blog post, we will help you understand more about hydraulic cylinders and what they are used for.

What is a hydraulic cylinder?

Hydraulic cylinders are devices that are used when trying to lift heavy loads safely and easily. The cylinder itself is capped at either end with a rod on one side. Within the interior of the cylinder there is a piston that is attached to the rod seen from the exterior. There is a liquid within the cylinder which, along with the piston, creates pressure which then creates movement.

How do hydraulic cylinders work?

The pressure itself is created when the fluid within the cylinder is forced to either side, which in turn forces the piston to extend or retract. This is referred to as ‘Pascal’s Principle’ which is the method of creating pressure in a certain way that creates additional pressure in another form that can be of use. The movement the hydraulic cylinder creates is responsible for mechanical force. It is this force that makes the hydraulic cylinder so useful for linear motion.

What are hydraulic cylinders used for?

This linear motion is useful in a wide range of applications, basically anything that may require pushing or lifting. Hydraulic cylinders are often used within construction or manufacturing environments where this lifting and pushing movement is used so frequently.

Why buy or hire a hydraulic cylinder from SafetyLiftinGear?

As with all the products we supply, our hydraulic cylinders are made to the highest quality. They are created to withstand the harsh conditions they are often used within so you can rest assured they will last time after time. All of our cylinders are fully tested and inspected before sale to make sure the chrome-plated ram, internal mechanics, and body of the cylinder are working perfectly.

With working load limits ranging from 10 to 100 tones, we guarantee that you will be able to find something to match your requirements.

If you want any more information about our hydraulic cylinders we are more than happy to help. You can also browse our full range by clicking here. Just give us a call on 0808 123 69 69. Our friendly team is here to advise you about any of the products we supply so do not hesitate to get in touch.